Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Good News Tuesdays

If you knew me that title might suggest something remotely religious huh? Nope. Not that kind of good news. (now that those who know me have gotten up off of the floor and have stopped laughing i will resume my babbling.)
But it occurred to me that last Tuesday i heard good news and yesterday i also got some very nice news. Tuesday is turning into a cool day for me. Tuesday has never been one of those kinda days right? i mean its a regular kind of day. Friday is the best day. Wednesday is often referred to as ... hump day... a term i never cared for, but i digress. Thursday is the day before the best day...Saturday and Sunday - well heck - they're the weekend! Mondays normally stink out loud (unless its a holiday then Tuesday pretty much is given that honor) so Tuesday... nothing special normally.
When i was living away from home for the first time i would talk to my parents routinely on the weekend - giving them the scoop on what i was doing. My Dad would get on the phone and say, what's new? And if nothing much was going on I'd say - nothing. He would inevitably reply - nothing new is ok. Having just a regular day is nice. Sometimes something new isn't always good (meaning that it might be a bad thing that was new). In short- your basic, boring day could be a very good thing. So i guess, in retrospect, Tuesday being an everyday boring day would be quite fine. Daddy was right.
However - Daddy would be thrilled to have gotten the call I received yesterday... a Tuesday. I was at work and my boss answered the phone and she told the person on the other end that, "yes, she's here...." and "just a moment"... she looked at me and indicated it sounded like a "mom" call.. they were calling me by my "mrs. p" name...
Now anyone who has a child in school dreads a phone call from school. Usually this means: a. Your child is sick, come pick them up
b. your child is in trouble/did something not so great. We need to talk - can you get over here right now?
I've received both those calls.
I'd take a over b anyday
I was delighted to hear neither of those reasons coming out of the mouth of the 8th grade counselor. She wanted to remind me of the 8th grade awards assembly on Friday. I told her i was planning on attending. (they don't have a "graduation" so i figured i should at least go to this right?) She was happy to hear that because....
well darn. I have to go to work now (she cackled evil-y). I'll have to finish my story later

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Christa H. said...

Well I am sure Eliz is getting a hefty award- gotta make sure you are there ya know!
Now....finish that dang story girl!