Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A happy monday?

well it was. now its tuesday and i'm lookin for more of where that came from.
Usually days that start out with everyone running around like lunatics trying to get out on time - well those are the stressed out mornings i detest. i like to start the day kind of quiet. Get my thoughts together. And by the time i am at work i'm ready to go. Yesterday was Joseph's first day at his summer job and we had to leave early to get him there. Well this Northern Virginia traffic wasn't having any of that - and he was actually 15 minutes late... it was raining and the location is right in a very congested area (near a very large telecommunications company which shall remain nameless but pays our bills.. ahem) . We finally got there but learned our lesson - leaving before 8 will be required. Groan....
Anyway it was a nice day at work. I heard some nice news about a friend. Then i got home and heard the nicest message ever on our answering machine. Joe's Aunt calling me to say how she received Eliz's thank you note and she just went on about how beautiful the card was - I made it- natch- but it was just that she thought to call me and say so. I can't say how much i admire her - she's just this amazing woman - but that she toook the time to give me a call to be my cheerleader. Isn't it funny how when one special person says they like what you do - well you can just feel so great?
And then to have a group of special people say it? That was my next happy monday thing. A group of very special friends (i know you're out there :-)) told me they liked a project I've been working on - and finally was revealed to them yesterday. I'll show it here soon but thank you p2p'ers. YOu have no idea how much your support means to me.... little miss lacking confidence here.
And finally i got some very great news about my good friend Jen Duncan. Cover of the new issue of Legacy magazine features Jen's artwork and her name is right there on the cover too... you can see it here:
yeah it was a happy monday... now i'm shooting for 2 in a row... happy tuesday all.

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Christa H. said...

Yes Yes Yes---so so so proud of you Tracy...love the stamp font- can't wait to buy it and see what else you come up with! Awesome girl! Way to go!