Monday, May 30, 2005


is evil... and never-ending.
i wish i could come up with something positive about laundry. Yes i need clean clothes. I like fluffy just washed and dried towels (but i'm not doing towels today LOL).
It is one of those necessary evils. The kind of chore you tell yourself "if i do this, i can then do this fun thing"... thats what i do often to make it tolerable. I play "Let's Make a Deal"
Do you make deals with yourself too? Well, I play Monty and i'm also the contestant.
Right now Monty is saying, if you fold another load, put on the next one, you can run on over to Michaels to look around. See what's behind door #1,2 and 3. Maybe the new Legacy magazine. Maybe some other fun goody. Maybe something to inspire me as not much has lately.
Hey.....I'll take that deal!
See you later!

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Christa H. said...

and when I do it and am sick of it- I CRANK UP the classic rock and put a little boogie in my fold....LOL that would be a sight eh?