Wednesday, November 04, 2009

thank yous and the women

Got a lovely new stampinup wheel and had to use it right away on a thank you card. I made several subsequent thank yous i'll post soon but this here was my first attempt. I am in love with this wheel. lovely typography. graphic appeal. i know i'll be using it to death. And being as it's the season of thanks - heck maybe i'll even make napkin rings for the thanksgiving table.
on a side note - dh and i have been watching a number of movies of late on hbo (we don't subscribe normally but there was some deal .... it came with some configuration of our FIOS.. but i digress). One day i saw "The Women" was on - i'd wanted see if this version did justice to the original movie - one of my old movie favorites. Have you seen the original? With Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer and the amazing Rosalind Russell? If not - you really must. There is no one like Rosalind Russell (another RR favorite - Auntie Mame... a must see). Anyway - the new version - well I enjoyed it. But sometimes, with all the updates - well it loses something in the translation. But it was certainly entertaining. Another movie we decided to try - "The Changeling" with Angelina Jolie - if you haven't seen that one - please do. Really wonderful. Gotta run!


June Houck said...

Very cool card, T. I like how you changed the leaf to green and added that fab button!

I have not seen those movies; thanks for & I tend to like the same shows :)

Babsarella said...

Beautiful card, and I look forward to seeing more projects with this stamp. Glad you are having fun with the movies. I was not that thrilled with The Women, but I can only imagine how great the original is. Roz Russell is so wonderful!! I also loved The Changeling too.

michelle cook infantino said...

Your card is beautiful. I never did get into using my wheels. I should get them out!

I saw the Changeling and I thought Angelina J was amazing in that role.

lauren said...

oof: enablage alert!!! i do LOVE that wheel...and i'm not even "into" fall or thanksgiving themes! you're quite right, it's the combo of different fonts (i LOVE text art!) and a few simple graphics; very cool--AS IS the card with its simple design totally enhancing and showing off the wheel!

ps: i *LOVE* the original of "the women"...i keep thinking i WILL watch the new one at work, but somehow i've been afraid it will just annoy me if they've wrecked it! :)