Friday, November 06, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

so I bought some new Christmas stamps a while back - well, perhaps September. and i thought i had better get a move on with the Christmas cards right? I mean it's November. I had grand ideas last year - bought a cute stamp set, worked on those cards for at least a month - but it was such an involved card I never finished making all of them. I did mail out a few to family members but that's it.
Practically against my religion you know what i mean? - to not send out cards.
So i'm going to try my best.
In year's past I've always made one design and mass produced. This year I believe I'll be making whatever suits my fancy. I couldn't decide on one stamp or set. I kept seeing things I liked. Quelle surprise.
so here's a first attempt. i think i'd prefer a skinnier ribbon but i don't have one i can lay my hands on at the moment so i'm going with it! (this will probably be my new years resolution - making do - i think it'll be a good one!)
oh - its a cuttlebug embossing folder, an ornament shaped StampinUp! punch, and the stamp (that's embossed with white ep) is from a StampinUp! set called Delightful Decorations
have a good day kids!


michelle cook infantino said...

Now I like the boldness of that ribbon a lot! Cute card Tracy. I'm still on the fence about Xmas cards. It's such an endeavour. We send out way over 50. I just have too many other projects I wanna do before Xmas. hmmmmmmmmm................

Babsarella said...

Super fantastic I'd say!! Love the embossing with the bold solid colors. Just a perfect match. I'll be making cards for Mark's work people..about 20-25, but for our friends and family I'll do the photo card thing. Just got to get a good photo. Luckily, I can (and have) wait till the last minute, but I'd rather not. Can't wait to see what other designs you make!

lauren said...

now see, THIS is verrrrrrrry cool: so bold and distinctive and i swear i was looking at it for at least a minute before i realized there is not a scrap of patterned paper on here!!! (and it doesn't NEED ANY!) wow. you're GOOOOOOOD, missus!

ps: i do much better with "follow my fancy" xmas cards than mass producing. (i know, how ME is that?!) last year i sort of did a hybrid: made 3 or 4 different versions of each idea so that mass-cutting & designing saved time but i could still have FUN playing on each one!

Annie said...

I love coming to your blog and seeing your posts. I laugh and laugh over your witty posts and ohhhh and ahhhh over the brilliant creations I find here.

All of your Christmas cards are amazing. Great work.