Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Card 4 & 5 and a wee kitty thank you

Have you been following Kristina Werner's Holiday Card series? Every week day for the past 3 weeks she has posted videos of Christmas cards she is making- very fun! I'm a big fan of her cards. I was looking at this one from Day 11 Although I'm not a fan of the paper she used I liked the design and thought it might work nicely for a card using some holiday patterned paper I had in my stash. As I mentioned I'm trying to Make Do... use what I have. I'm sure I'd originally planned to use all this paper for scrapbook pages but by the time that happens I'm also completely sure I'll see more lovely paper that will work just as well... right? There is always something new and pretty coming out!Okay so you've seen that card with the Christmas tree paper she made... here's my version with some Basic Grey Fruitcake Vintage ornaments paper. The purplish/pinkish ornament seems very un-Tracy huh? well if you look close you'll see that same color in the paper. You should know that that ornament shape was cut in every color of the rainbow (ok... every color that was in the paper) but no color seemed to work until I tried the purple/pink cardstock. Any traditional color like red or green just left the ornament lost (i think the blue would've worked but i had no color that really matched... which is of course very Tracy :-) it had to match or at least be in the neighborhood). Now onward to card#5 - this one uses some Basic Grey Wassail 6x6 paper (in my stash) as well as some K&Co Christmas Cheer Phrases & Tags Chipbox Chipboard (say that 3x fast). I've had these in my stash since last year - I'm sure I got them with a coupon and equally sure I thought I'd use them last year for cards but that didn't happen LOL The gold ribbon on both cards was adhered with Tombow Mono Multi glue - that works very nicely for really thin ribbon.

And now onto the wee kitty thank you. Last weekend we went up to New Jersey for my nephew's engagement party. Exhausting weekend but a lovely party. Everyone went except, of course, the kitties. (they're not travelers... at all) We had our little neighbor watch them - she's such a sweet 10 year old girl - she feeds, litters them but I also know she plays a good bit with them so I don't feel too guilty leaving them - they don't lack for attention with her around. So here's the little thank you card I made for her - starring Frankie and Spencer. (no I didn't pick out their names. They came with them!)
So that's all for me now. I've gotta figure out my Thanksgiving shopping list.


June Houck said...

Ack! I just left a log comment and it did not save.

Here's the reader's digest version: love wassail & purple for xmas; beautiful shape die cut on second card; adorable Frankie & Spencer card (kiss them for me!)

Babsarella said...

Lots more great cards!!! Yep, Got some of the chipboard accents I am hoping to use myself. Love everything!!

lauren said... see i am equally surprised that red and/or green did not work on that paper! and then i'd've tried gold, i think. it would have taken me A LONG TIME to think about purple...possibly FOREVER!!! brilliant of you to have made that leap b/c it is indeed *EXACTLY* right and the whole card is balanced!

love the cool chipboard ornament thingie on the 2nd card--and the two patterned papers divided with that gorgeous ribbon set it off PERFECTLY!

of course i looooooooove da kitteh card...WHO WOULD NOT love that one and i am sure said small neighbor will place it immediately in her box of "treasures"!!!