Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a wee birdy smackerel and periwinkle purse

A few weeks back I was walking past my front door and stopped to take a look out. On either side of the door there are windows. And for some reason that day I looked up and saw a wonderful thing.
A bird's nest
Our front door has a copper roof that sits atop two pillars. And under that roof, on top of the inside of the pillar (which are mostly decorative i believe) was the wee little nest.
Opposite the front door is our pear tree. I know I've mentioned this tree in another post
(friday march 16th). It is a gorgeous tree and has really grown since it was planted 10 years ago. Huge and a lovely home to a variety of birds. We regularly see all kinds of birds - my favorite being a cardinal who I am able to spy on occasion if I'm lucky enough.

So it wasn't a surprise when i saw a bird flying from the pear tree to the wee nest under the copper roof for my front door.
Initially the bird flew right out of the nest as soon as anyone approached the front door. Slowly, however, over the past few weeks, we have noticed if we are quiet or don't approach the door too quickly we can see the bird in the nest. It doesnt move - it just looks back at us - as if to say "ok, i know you now. I know you won't harm me or my eggs".
And because the little birdy is now one of the family she allowed me to take her photo this morning.

I am in love with this sweet little creature and I'm so looking forward to seeing if there are any baby birds (it's impossible to tell if there are eggs in there but that bird rarely leaves her spot these days so it makes you wonder).
Ok - onto other things....
Yesterday in the mail I received a long awaited package. If you all recall i made a felted purse for my dear friend. (see march's postings - there are pictures there) I wanted to make one for myself but they've been backordered on the color yarn I wanted. Periwinkle. A gorgeous periwinkle. When i saw the package in the mailbox i could not wait to rip it open - and there it was - just as gorgeous as I'd hoped. Now i took a few photos this morning but i dont think the color in the photo is true - which is MOST annoying. However i'm going to post a few pictures in hopes you'll get the idea that the color is just spectacular

i placed the yarn on top of things i thought would help show off the true color. The photo on the left - the yarn is on top of a magazine article about a local artist who does the most stunning work in pastels - the color is amazing. And oddly enough there was some periwinkle in that particular piece he did. The second photo i took next to an easter card my mother had given me. The iris on it was a lighter more lavendar color however it improved the photo as the camera seemed to be picking up a little too much blue if you ask me. Anyway i really am looking forward to getting started on my purse. A little wild for a purse for me - but hell - i could use it!


tina said...

Ooohhhh that yarn is scrumptious (sp??) and I can't wait to see the purse!

What a sweet little nest- I was hoping for a nest in the pear tree outside my craft room window... maybe next year!

Donna said...

Oh goodie! I've been meaning to ask you about that yarn. A long wait indeed, but worth it. I can't wait to see the finished purse. I'll make you a pretty flower to pin on it when you really feel wild! I can't wait to see how you like carrying the purse. I love mine so much. It is SO STRONG. You really won't believe how well it works. I'm so glad I asked for black or mine would be ruined by now. I'm very hard on purses.
I hope you get to see your little babies. I'm sure she is taking care of wee little babies. So sweet.