Thursday, May 24, 2007


Is it time to eat, ma?

Yes, dear.

bon appetit!


Babsarella said...

OMG!!!! These photos are INCREDIBLE!!!

Donna said...

No stinkin' way! How did you do that?? Unbelievable.

Will said...

That little birdie perched upon the right porch! Isn't is awesome to watch birds deal with their young? I love the nest, the black and white feathers kind of kick it up a notch, huh?

So, do you hear the sweet, sweet chirping of those little babies? That's one of my favorite sounds in all world, little birddie chirpps. My hands down all-time favorite sound has to that of children in full-on belly laugh the ROFLOLPMP laugh. You can't get a better sound than that.

Kris said...

Your photos are great. We have two little finches under our porch right now. The second round of babies just hatched...barely see their yellow beaks coming up for food. I think birdies are so sweet and special. I'm glad you have this little family with you.

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh-My-Goodness - this is too amazing - you are so the bird-stalker!! I'm in awe, and (almost...) speechless. I LOVE these pics!