Monday, May 14, 2007

Got a minute

grab a can of spray paint and do like this
my daughter sent me that link
most cool
makes you wanna just make something fast -
no editing yourself
just doing it.


krisandtheo said...

Thats pretty amazing. I wonder if he is high from the fumes by the time he is done? Anyway...what an imagination to be able to do that.

Will said...

I could never do that, not in a million years, totally amazing. I get awestruck when I see that kind of thing erupt out of people, "chaud how do they do that?" Just amazing.

Donna said...

Well, of course I couldn't see it. I'll keep trying. You know that blog I've been visiting....river bend ranch studio aka tuscan rose?? Well, she lives in a big city so she takes blank journal pages outside in the evening, tapes them firmly to the fence or concrete wall or whatever and tapes her stencil over them. The next morning the grafitti artists have spray painted her pages for her! Kind of a cool start on the day's journal page.
I'm really curious to see this. I'll keep trying. I may be able to get it to come up tomorrow.

Babsarella said...

Love the sweet bird. I hope that she has a lot of cute little birdies!!! We just found a hole dug in the yard last night by some critter. Tried to figure out what happened, and then I noticed some empty eggshells around. I am guessing maybe a turtle dug the hole to deposit some eggs, but some stupid other animal got to them. Anyhow, hope her eggs will stay safe! Love the gorgeous shade of periwinkle and I'm looking forward to seeing your purse!!!