Monday, May 28, 2007

the kids are growing up (and other things)

Daddy's Home and he's brought take-out
Where'd he go?

Okay - let's pose for that lady

(i laughed my head off after i saw this picture - kinda charlies angels-esque - i figure the 4th birdie is hiding - either being Charlie or Bosley.... )

We are having the best time watching these sweet little birdies. I know I could get more today but it gets a little much. I have to drag a chair into the hallway and stand on tippy toes with arms extended upward with camera in hand and start snapping away. Yes I'm using a digital camera with a large screen so i'm able to see what i'm doing. But as much fun as it is to see them closeup through the photos, I think i'm ticking off the Mom & Dad (not to mention the babies). They fly in to feed them over and over during the day. If they see us near the doorway they fly back out to the pear tree, like this:

If you look really closely you'll see who I believe is the Daddy - with the reddish head - hiding out til the coast is clear. Once we saw both the Mom & Dad at the nest feeding the babies at the same time - I ran to get my camera but they were too quick for me. Oh well.

I don't know if those babies are long for that nest - we see them wiggling around, flappin their sweet little wings and we're thinking they are practicing to try out those wings for real. In the meantime i'm gonna enjoy them while they are here.

Other things...

we were sposed to have company for the weekend but someone ended up ill. It's been a fairly quiet weekend. We did have my son home for Saturday - he left Sunday. Saturday night the four of us went to a great Japanese Restaurant in town. The kind of place where they cook in front of you and chef is not just a chef - he's a performer. What a hoot that was - the chef was amazing and the food was just wonderful

Let's see - besides laundry, what have i been doing. I made potato salad. I haven't made that for 2 years i think. So yummy - we're having it again tonite. I really should share that recipe. Another of my mom's and its fabulous. Oh yeah - i've been playing around with a punch, watercolor crayons and a little stamping and embossing. General playing in my sketchbook - i think i may turn the flowers into a card. we'll see


Will said...

Amazing how fast the kids grow up isn't it? Those little birdies aren't long for home and will soon be free as a bird! I couldn't resist.

Love the flowers you doodled! Holy cow I am so not an artist.

Sue McGettigan said...

Those birds are amazing, thanks for the update. I'm think you're going to be struggling with empty nest syndrome fairly soon!

Flowers - gawjus!!

Donna said...

First, the bird pics are unbelievable. Hilarious and priceless. So glad you have that vantage point. Isn't it cool how the mom and dad both take care of the babies? 21st century birds!
Second, that punch! I've got to have it. Does Martha have a bunch of cool punches?? Do you know I still haven't been to Michael's to see her stuff. I'll be forced soon because I'm completely out of gel medium.

MyRDreams said...

Those little guys (and gals) will be flying in no time. It seemed like ours flapped their wings one day, and were gone, one by one, the next day. It'll be a happy and sad moment when they leave.