Monday, May 21, 2007

7 things about me

well my friend Linda tagged me so i'm going to give this a go and tell you 7 things about me (maybe you know these, maybe you don't)
  1. I love old movies - i love most any movies (even the trashy ones on Lifetime) and have all kinds of movie trivia in my head - just ask me LOL
  2. i love to cook - i really love to bake but i try not to do it too much because of i really like to eat!
  3. i have been on some kind of diet most of my life
  4. i love television. i know some people don't like it but i do. some people even say "oh i never watch tv" and well i've stopped apologizing for myself a long time ago. i watch all kinds of programs - i've got a wide area of interest - from animal planet to the history channel to the food network. all kinds of tv. because i'm interested in just about everything.
  5. i have zero knowledge about digital anything - i'm a photoshop idiot. As much as I'd like to understand it, I don't. I am sure if someone sat me down and showed me, I'd be a quick learner but I don't get it. It's strange because usually I'm rather good at figuring most things out - but that stuff - i just don't know why but it thoroughly eludes me.
  6. I love to read. I really love to read books but i'll read just about anything including the back and sides of a cereal box. I read the Washington Post everyday. I miss the newspapers I grew up with and read daily: The New York Times, The Daily Post, The Star Ledger and the Daily Record. The books I read are mostly for entertainment meaning although I've read a few of Oprah's Book Club type books - I really don't wanna think that much LOL! I want to be entertained and transported away. Rarely the transport takes me to unhappy places if you catch my drift. So the books i'm reading are generally fun although I like a good crime novel as well.
  7. i really hate laundry.

So now who can I pick on, I mean tag, to let us know more about them.... I tag Donna, Barbara, Tina and Michelle.

Oh and speaking of movies - if you can please rent Pan's Labyrinth. We watched it Saturday night. It was amazing. A fabulous movie. Violent in parts - definitely not for children - its Rated R. but it is such a wonderful movie - you must see it. Here's a website to give you some info - just the website alone should make you run to your Blockbuster and get it


Donna said...

Yes. I knew all of it. Well, I was planning to blow this off, but you've tagged me publicly! The bad thing is you've tagged just about everyone I know who blogs! I can think of a few more so I'll get them.

Will said...

I want to tell you seven things about Donn I bet you don't know. I have a very devious grin firmly planted on my face, very much like Jack Nicholson would have in any of his movies or in real life. Did you know she kicked me out of the free drawing for wallpaper and duke like that--just kicked me out! It's not like I ever win anything anyway it wouldn't matter if I were the only one who read her blog and was in the drawing I still wouldn't win. Oh well, just one more chip to carry on my shoulder.

I'm totally with you on everything but the reading, I don't know why I dont' like to read, I just don't. I wish I did, but I just don't. Maybe I could work on it. How would I go about it?