Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Personally, I think alligators have the right idea....

they eat their young."
now isn't that a great line for Mother's Day? no...
well it is one of my favorite lines from a great mother's day movie
Mildred Pierce
starring Joan Crawford (the title character - won her the academy award - self-sacrificing mother who would do anything for her selfish daughter - Vida) ,
Anne Blythe (as the aforementioned daughter - Vida - what a pip - on your worst day, no one deserves a daughter like her),
Eve Arden (plays Mildred's friend - she's got the best lines in the movie - the alligator one as well as this favorite of mine - she says to another male character who is eyeing her up and down, "leave something on so i don't catch cold") and
a whole host of other great actors.
Fortunately this wonderful movie was on earlier this afternoon and I was lucky enough to catch it. I try to watch it every time it's on. It is such a great movie - and it doesn't make you cry. There is a an absolute tear-jerker of a mother movie - if you want a real good cry - rent the movie Stella Dallas starring Barbara Stanwyck. A-mazing movie that at the very end will totally reduce you to tears. What a mother will do for her child. Ugh. i'm getting teary just thinking about it. Not the same realm as Mildred Pierce - as Mildred's daughter is endlessly selfish and Mildred means well but doesn't know when to say no. In Stella - the mother and daughter love each other very much and Stella makes a huge sacrifice for her daughter to ensure her daughters future happiness.
Okay one last movie about mother's Imitation of Life - the version with Lana Turner and Sandra Dee and Juanita Moore and Susan Kohner. Oh the tissues!!! The final scene - I dare you not to cry. It's not possible.
Ok - so i've got you set to rent some faboo old movies. Now how about some newish movies you might like to rent?
Last nite we watched Little Children with Kate Winslet and Jackie Earle Haley. Got oscar nominations for the two of them. Interesting movie. I liked it but it was entirely different than what i'd expected. Rent it - and for those of you with kids - it is not for their viewing.
The Pursuit of Happyness we rented that week before last and while it is ultimately a happy ending - wow - it was a little rough - a little hard to watch if you ask me - very depressing. Great message and all but by the time the payoff at the end came I was happy to see it over. I guess I'd prefer something a little less real.
The Queen last weekend's rental and a definite great movie. Very interesting to see what was going on - or at least what the movie showed happening behind the scenes at the palace in the wake of Princess Diana's death. Get it.
So other than watching a movie today i was just a lazy mom. One child is not home for this mother's day and the other one is busy doing homework and that's fine with me. She's here and that makes me happy. I just had the other child home for a quick visit so that will have to suffice. My mother is coming over and we're going to enjoy some our dinner cooked by my husband who always tries his best to take over all my duties on mother's day - so i can have a day off. I think i'm going to help him out a little with dinner just so we eat tonite. He actually cooks quite well however getting it all to appear on the table at the same time - in my mind at least - takes years of practice. He can do it all, and quite fine but i don't mind helping him so he's not completely stressed out over it. He doesnt complain - it is his idea in fact to do it each year - and i think he actually enjoys doing it all. His own dear mother passed away a few years back and I think it makes him feel good to do it for me and my mom.
And then later - after my mom has gone home - we have a date to watch Survivor - tonite is the finale. I don't know if you watch but we do and this year has been extra good!
I'm rooting very hard for Yao Man - i just love him to bits! here's a link
if you watched only one show of this years survivor you'd think - hey this is an old guy. he'll be going home in no time. I had no idea he is as young as he is - only 55. And is he wily. What a smart guy not to mention clever and athletic! well gotta go... talk to you soon


Will said...

I wance watched a marathon of tear jerker movies with my Mom and Kendra at her house in Missouri. There wee two movies, both staring Shirley McClain and Jack Nicholson but as hard as I'm trying to remember the names they aren't coming to me--drat poor functioning brain matter!

I couldn't take it so I googled it: Terms of Endearment and The Evening Star (I was gunning for Lonesome Dove--way, way. way off). After the end of Evening Star we had to leave Mom. She's a stand at the porch wave you over the horizon while crying kind of Mom. Well knowing I was leaving her alone and having just watched the two movies I did I cried from Joplin to Tulsa.

I love old movis too, I catch them on AMC or Turner Classic and love them, never knowing what I'm watching.

Donna said...

Well, the three old movies you mentioned are three of my favorites. I couldn't possibly count how many times I've seen Imitation of Life. It was one of those movies my mother made sure I saw when I was old enough. Such an enormously affecting and impacting film. My mother introduced me to all the "important" movies. The one's she knew would always stay with me and affect the way I viewed things. She did the same with books. I remember, for years after Mother died, I could mark her death in my mind by thinking....did Mom get to read that book?? Did she read A Prayer for Owen Meany?? Now, I'm not sure. I'd have to look at the copyright. I know she read The World According to Garp because Malcolm brought it to her and sectioned off a part in the middle telling her not to read it. He said it had no real bearing on the story and you just don't need to read it. I think it was a rather graphic dream Garp had and Malcolm was trying to protect my mother's innocence! Even though she was a whole generation older than him! We were all protective over her even though she did not need our protection. BTW....she most certainly did read the sectioned off pages!