Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a little this - a little that

ok. so i've been on a long blogging break.
but i've been delightfully prodded back
- thank you miss b -
anywho -- life has been whirlwindish. summer brings visitors, new schedules and more reality tv.

i admit i've been hooked for years on Big Brother. It is back and its all stars and it is tooo stinkin fun. it might be hard for someone to just jump into watching BB7 now but if you're at all inclined give it a try.
my other reality guilty pleasure is Project Runway. I watched last season and was so happy to see a new one starting up a few weeks back. Last season i had my definite favorite - Daniel - but this year i'm still on the fence. I do so enjoy watching and tonite you know where i'll be - watching PJ. Course i can't just sit there and watch. Tonite i'll be folding piles of laundry. Makes me feel a bit less guilty :-)

well i'm off right now. i just finished making a huge batch of meatballs (for tonite and a few other meals) and now i think i'll see if i can work on a little project.
i'll be back soon


Babsarella said...

YEAH!!! You are back!!! You know, I was futzing with moving around photos on Blair's laptop, so I watched PR, but didn't focus enough on the final outcome. Bad girl. I will have to watch the rerun next week (or sooner if I can find it).

tina said...

Weeeeeeeee!!! You're back!! :) I check in here to see what you're up to Miss T- glad to get a glimpse of you again. Don't be a stranger :) :)

Sue McGettigan said...

Wahoo! Tracy's a re-blogger, born again blogger, feeling bloggish? Whatever, it's fun to have you 'back'!!

Sue :)