Sunday, August 20, 2006

Beach Books and DVD's

I read only two books while on vacation (i should've brought a few more)
12 Sharp by Janet Evanovich - if you haven't already read any of the Stephanie Plum novels - do yourself a big fat favor and run out and get all 12 (this series is numbered - for example: One for the Money, Two for the Dough, three to get Deadly and so on). They're hilarious reads. I literally laugh out loud reading them. I've even got my mother reading them and she laughs out loud as well.
Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani. I think I've read all of her books - i especially the The Big Stone Gap books. This one was very good, if not a little sad. I loved the time frame in which the main story takes place - the 1950's in New York City. A good part of the story takes place at B.Altman's. If you don't know B. Altman's i can only say how sad. A wonderful store that no longer exists - a favorite store of my youth. It was a favorite of my grandparents as well as my parents. When i was a child my grandparents would sometimes have us stay with them in NYC on weekends. We'd go all over the city (museums, the UN, Radio City) and 5th Avenue was a frequent destination being not that far away. We'd shop at B. Altman's & Saks. Anyway - I loved the characters and the way the author tells the story.
When i'm picking books i want to be entertained - and both these books and authors know how to do that.
DVD's - I'd heard a lot about a series on Showtime called WEEDS. when we went to the Blockbuster at the beach i saw the first year on DVD and thought why not try it.
OMIGOSH... If you don't have Showtime (we don't) you must rent the first season. Of course if you can't imagine being amused by a comedy wherein the main character is a newly widowed mother of two who sells weed - don't rent it. It's outrageous - we loved it. It's not for children thats for sure. And since we watched something like 10 episodes i have the theme song stuck in my head - it is a brilliant song - actually each episode has music that is quite the coolest bunch of tunes i've heard in a while. But the theme song is something of a 60's protest tune and its just wonderful - called Little Boxes. I shall be purchasing the cd shortly. Here's a link if you want to hear what i'm talkin about just click on the link for the music and listen to Little Boxes.
time for bed - i have to work tomorrow. ugh...


tina said...

Oh Tracy, I love love love weeds!! The second series just stared on showtime last week and there is only one thing I don't like. The theme song was changed! Well, same song- different singer- it's a guy singing it now. I'm bummed about that and I'm going to buy the CD so I can have the original one to listen to. All the songs sound pretty good- it will be money well spent.

tina said...

oh, forgot to say I love the Stephanie Plum series too- gotta get my hands on #12 or get the book on tape from the library. I like to listen to them while driving so other drivers see me laughing like a crazy person and stay outta my way!!! :)

Babsarella said...

Hey Tracy! I am pretty sure that is a real 60's song. I only got to listen to a little snippet, but I remember that song! Glad you got a chance to do some reading. I started Two for the Dough over Memorial Day weekend, but didn't get very far. I need to start it again. I really liked the first one.