Monday, April 17, 2006

i'm sure they didn't realize

so last nite i filled out the form for E's summer school (she has an opp to take a course during the summer to free up time for other classes during the school year. translation: she can fit in an art class which is her r'aison d'etre) She'll take a computer science course which she has to have by end of sophomore year. The postmark date must be no earlier than today. I realize this morning i forgot to have her sign the form (required... sigh.. i guess i could forge it? won't help - you must supply a copy of her report card - distributed today - with the application) and i'm thinking well - i'll pick her up this afternoon, have her sign and we'll hit the post office.
I'm listening to the news as i get ready for work and realize
We did our taxes months ago so i didn't even give it a thought.
Now we need to go to the post office... to get it postmarked today - so we have a fair chance she'll get into the class.
I wouldn't even think of going anywhere near a post office today but these are the things you do for your child, right?
I am sure the school administration didn't realize it was tax day when they named today as the first day for sending in applications.
i'm sure they couldn't be that cruel


Babsarella said...

I almost made that same mistake today. I have a rebate form that I need to get it, but once I realized it, no way no how am I gettin anywhere NEAR that place today. But, I'm thinkin tomorrow should be pretty durn good!!!

Christa H. said...

I hate it too..we file online now and that works great- refund check in a couple weeks...yea baby...

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