Saturday, August 12, 2006

we are heading out

in the morning for the beach.
de- laware
i plan to :
  • do beach (dh's family's way of saying going to the beach. when i was growing up in NJ we said we're were going "down the shore" - so...when in Rome and all that..... )
  • read beach books (aka - trash; also semi trash and maybe a little jane austen)
  • eat beach food (in these parts that means CRAB. CRAB and more CRAB. did i say CRAB?)
  • play skee ball (why i love skee ball - i cannot define it - i could say its because you get tickets and then trade those in for prizes that are total trash which makes it all the more wonderful - but then when i played skee ball as a kid "down the shore" we never got tickets and i STILL loved it... go fig)
  • play putt putt (again.. NJ we said miniature golf... but i am in another land - not even that far away - but it might as well be Mars - regardless its got a stick and a ball and its toooooo fun and it is our tradition. And i love traditions.)
  • walk every morning (we have taken this up at the beach the last few years. we get up, put on something not too hideous and walk at a good fast pace for around 45 minutes. i like to think of it as an antidote to the ice cream with chocolate sprinkles i will eat later in the day. )
  • eat ice cream (with chocolate sprinkles - a major dose of those please) - see above
  • see at least one movie
  • go to the dollar store for something we forgot. the dollar store is up the street from the house. makes for a nice walk in the middle of the day.
  • walk on the beach at least one evening. it is so pretty at night
  • draw in my sketchbook every day. i plan to share that here next week.

the skee ball we'll probably play in Ocean City - thats the OC in Maryland not the OC in New Jersey (and certainly not that "other" OC) And on that note - i'll share a photo of a most cool place in OC, MD. We went there one day during last years "beach week". its a short ride from the house in Delaware. everything is a short ride from Delaware (right Lindalou?) Anyway i took my camera (as i'm known to do - i'm no photographer and don't plan to ever be but i like recording for the scrapbook or just to be able to look at things later or refer to the pics for drawing) and snapped this pic of a most cool place on the boardwalk.


Christa H. said...

Sounds like fun! I used to go there as a teen and was in a parade while in marching some crab for me!!!

Babsarella said...

What a fun trip. BTW, I like skee ball too! Here in my neck o the woods, we call it Gooney Golf cuz the minature golf place was call that. Hope you have lots of fun and looking forward to seeing your sketches!