Sunday, August 20, 2006

we''re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

well we got back yesterday afternoon. a long delay on the approach to the bay bridge and another delay due to a terrible accident maybe half a mile in front of us on the beltway but we're back. we were trying our best to get home before ds left for school. we thought he was returning on Sunday but he wanted to get going on Saturday. Fortunately he was still packing his car up when we arrived home. Its funny how the first year they go off to college you go with them and its a big dramatic thing. This year (the third year) i think i was the only one who was feeling it. I miss him already. Despite the fact he was rarely home more than a second any day during the summer - barely time to shower and change clothes - i still miss him. oh well.
The rest of yesterday was taken up with doing laundry (piles and piles) reading 100 emails, and unpacking various and sundry items.
We had a wonderful vacation. I shall fill you all in later but i will mention the one bad thing now. I am camera-less.
We were on the ferry to Cape May and i took several pics with no problem. We got off the ferry and started walking about. I saw a house - gorgeous Victorian - tons of gingerbread and it was - pink! - and it practically screamed "take my picture". So i pulled out my camera and took a shot and looked at the review - nothing - black screen. I tried repeatedly to no avail. i thought perhaps when i get home and upload the photos (i took a few more just in case) they will be there. Perhaps something was wrong with the review portion of the camera. Everything else seemed to be working just fine. Last night i hooked it all up and uploaded and still black.
The rest of the vacation i was camera- less. it was like having my arm cut off. At one point, on the beach, i pulled out my phone, forlordssake, to take a pic - i'm that desperate. bereft.
tomorrow i'll be calling the repair company the manufacturer recommends to see what it would cost to repair it. Of course i'm thinking already it may be cheaper to just buy new.
We shall see.
gotta run for now


Babsarella said...

Oh NO!!! I would be freaking out!!! At least you had the camera phone! Hope you can get if fixed without too much cost. If you have to get a new one, I really like my Kodak dx6490.

tina said...

OMG! Having no camera on vacation would be awful!!! I'm surprised you didn't pick up a little disposable one. I hope the repair is cheap or the replacement camera is fabulous ;)