Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not in the Mood

for work.LOL i know how pathetic am i?
i went to work yesterday and found out my class tonite is on. Before i left on vacation no one had signed up for the class (zoo pages... actually very nice class - if you like paint & chipboard - which i do) and i thought well fine. I'll have an entire day off after i get back from vacation to catch up on things yaknow? Well yesterday i looked at the schedule and three people had signed up for the class. It surprised me for some reason - i mean no one had even commented on the samples in the store (we usually get a feeling for how the classes will go just by the comments people make - if they get lots of good talk - the class will fill up nicely). Since i'd mentally decided the class wasn't taking place i had to totally shift my thinking. I had to reacquaint myself with the whole thing and get some more samples done. Last nite i ordered from photos from Costco and i picked them up this morning. (love Costco photo developing for just that). Early this afternoon i created 2 more 2 page layouts for the class with pictures. And although they came out quite nice (nicer than the "class" ones if you ask me) i just wasn't into it. It was such a chore and i hate feeling that way. Know what i mean? Well off to the orthodontist with dd.


Babsarella said...

Hope the class went well and you had lots of fun teaching!

tina said...

I relate- I'm never in the mood for work!! I'm fine once I get there, but always dread it. I just want to stay home and play with my stamps... but if I don't work I can't afford stamps! It's a vicious cycle!!!