Friday, September 19, 2014

Year of Cards: June

If you've been following along with my progress on the Year of Cards gifts, you may have noticed I'm not making the cards in any particular order. I look at the Papertrey Ink Birthday Classics stamp sets I've gotten thus far and pick a month at random - whatever I'm feeling like at the moment. I had been holding off on June's edition til now just because I knew exactly what I wanted to make. (It would be quick and easy and I could hold off til I had 5 or so months already completed was my reasoning.)

When the June set came out it was released with another stamp set called Summer Sweetness. I've used that set a lot since I got it. I just love the popsicles!

Anyway, Nichole Heady had created an adorable card with both sets as well as the Background Basics: Super Chevron set. And that's what I'm recreating here. I don't often recreate cards by others stamp for stamp, but this one was just perfect: it was simply designed, quick to execute and bright & happy.

I did make some changes - the color schemes - I wanted to try out all kinds of combos.
And I wanted to usethe Sugar Coated cardstock by Doodlebug for the popsicles. It adds a lot to the card I think.
And finally I used the Linen & Canvas Impression plate on the background cardstock. Just a nice little added detail.


Here's a pic of all the cards so you can see - none are exactly the same. I kinda like that. (Kind of like my Valentine Rak-a-rama cards - the snowflake effect - no two are the same.)

Okay - I'm moving on to May next. After that I'll probably be going in order: September through January. And finally fill the boxes with all the cards and come up with some kind of labeling. Should be fun. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

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Lindsey said...

A year of cards...what a brilliant idea! These are so cute! I love the colors you mixed and the design is just fabulous.