Thursday, September 11, 2014

Birthday Buddies (Part 1)

All the time I was growing up I never knew anyone who celebrated their birthday on the same day as me. But in the last few years I've met a few. Crazy huh? One of them is far away and one is very close by.
The friend that's closeby I will be seeing today - we're having a little gathering at a friend's house. And I'm bringing along a little gift for her. I should note this birthday buddy is a good bit younger than myself LOL but I've made a crazy little gift for her. A blast from my past - ze birthday corsage. When I was in 6th and 7th grades these were all the rage. A big old bow to which you attached candy - the popular candy choice at the time was bubble gum. Or chewing gum. Here and there you'd get some Lifesavers but gum was big. These assemblages were total have-at-it deals. Long streams of ribbon with gum attached. It was kind-of-a big deal at my school - friends would make you these corsages on your birthday. You might be wearing 3 or 4 of these corsages and it was a hoot.
For my birthday buddy,  I decided to skip the gum and go hard-core - chocolate - lots of dark chocolate and a ton of ribbon. And I made a tag to go along with her chocolatey corsage. I used the Shakers & Sprinkles Make It Market Kit from Papertrey Ink. There are a number of amazing dies in this kit - but the word dies are so beautiful. That word "Sprinkles" is one of those dies. I cut it out of glitter paper - pink and sparkly! (I also die cut the word out of white cardstock 3x, glued them together and then sponged on some pink ink to cover the sides of the diecuts then adhered them all to the back of the glitter diecut) The tag is PTI's Tag Sale #6 - one of my favorite tag dies to be sure.  I used some of the confetti-type stamps as well as the word stamps to finish up the tag. Such a great stamp set.
I tried to get a pic of ze corsage. The pic really doesn't do it justice :-) If I'd had more time it woulda been an epic corsage but this, I am sure, will be met with a few laughs. Each piece of candy (Hershey's Bliss Dark Chocolate) was wrapped in PTI's Hibiscus Burst Bitty Dot paper then tied up in curling ribbon (Hallmark).  I just have to attach a large safety pin and make the birthday girl wear this whilst we celebrate! It's all in good fun and I think she'll really be amused.
Tomorrow I'll share the little greeting I sent to my other Birthday Buddy. It's really a collaborative effort. You need to come back and see :-)

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June Houck said...

This looked epic to me! I am so glad that Amy wore it proudly (and quite happily!) The tag is perfect and delightful and the die cut is beautiful. I love how your ribbons and confetti inks match perfectly :)