Saturday, February 24, 2007

You gotta double click

on any word - try cheesecake - scroll down and double click on the word cheesecake.
this is too awesome for words
you will get this wonderful pop up thingy (oh my technical prowess.... daughter would call this - my geekiness) thanks to a wonderful widget i added for
ok so you double click on cheesecake and check out the 2nd definition....
photographs of minimally attired women.
(are you reading this will?)
as if


Will said...

Yes, I am reading this and LOVE the widget. How did you get it? I'd like to have one on my blog. Love that. Just love that.

Will said...

Can I just tell you how wonderful this is! Just WHIFFENPOOF there it is!

Tracy said...

will - when you double click the little box pops up and at the bottom of the popup there is a little thing that sez click on this to get one for your site. get the code and go to your dashboard and "add a page element" pick the html one. it will popup a box and input the name of the widget ( then paste the code in and voila... widget-poofed :-)

Will said...

Joy of joys. It worked and I have whiffenpoof power now! It's just wonderful, like getting a lane open with no waiting! Joy just pure joy. thank you so much.

Sue McGettigan said...

ROFLMAO, cheescake!!! :)