Tuesday, February 27, 2007

tuesday mishmash

mish·mash /ˈmɪʃˌmɑʃ, -ˌmæʃ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[mish-mahsh, -mash] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
a confused mess; hodgepodge; jumble.
one of those words we liked to use when i was growing up. we were big on words 'round our house.

we're getting back to normal after an unexpected snow on Sunday. About 5 inches of nonsense which yielded a winter wonderland really. Here are the two trees in front of my house. This is their positioning if you are inside looking out - just imagine a big space of grass in between.

The pear on the left and the maple on the right. It was all very pretty and then came Monday morning. School closed here in this county and not in the county where daughter attends school. Translation - no bus. She needed a ride. Not the worst thing in the world but its an hour each way. Husband took her there and i brought her home. The gods must've known it was my mom's birthday so the beltway traffic wasn't too horrendous. We swung by my mom's on the way back and picked her up. Had our little birthday celebration for her. It was very nice. I'd made a cake - natch- on Sunday. Here it is as it came outta the oven. ...... and all frosted and ready for candles.

We decided to just use a few candles - not the full 78. And she was thrilled that she blew them all out on the first try.

And yes, i always take pictures of the birthday cakes. It's all part of the celebration dontchaknow.

I had spent the last week making cards for my mom as one of her gifts. She sends a lot of cards to friends and family and when i'd given her a gift of a batch of them (all different kinds) she really loved them. And of course she makes sure everyone knows i made them. That's a mom for you. This batch turned out pretty good. I only wished i had scanned them. I always scan my cards - what was i thinking?!?!

oh one last picture or two for the mishmash - my kitty - Miss Holly.

Isn't she the cutest? (well, she and her brother are the cutest. I'll show Frankie another day - he's tougher to photograph - he is a handsome black cat). Thats also Holly in the 2nd pic- she has her tummy up against the vent that is under my kitchen sink. All winter long she can be found there. Note to the right of her head is our dishwasher - i have to lean over her to get stuff from the sink to the dishwasher. She is like lead when she is warming her tummy - she is not to be moved. Sometimes i have to just slide her whole self outta the way. (the mean way is to let a few drops of water accidentally sprinkle upon her... oh she moves quickly then LOL)


Will said...

Well that cake looks almost as good as the cheesecake! What's a guy gotta do to get in your food graces. Was the cake a box or homemade? And the frosting--do tell. I heard someone--Paula Deen I think-- say to always use milk not water, add and extra egg and add vanilla to give box mixes a "home made" flavor. I do that and it does taste better at least to these buds. Never buy canned frosting, I always make my own.
Your Mom is a lucky lady-Happy birthday Lucky.

Tracy said...

will the cake is a mix - but i only buy Duncan Hines - for the yellow cake (like this) i use their Butter Recipe Golden - and i use butter :-); if i'm making chocolate i use their Devils Food.
i could make a cake from scratch but i swear by the DH - its faster and the results are amazing. The butter recipe golden one - it even gets a crust on it.. its to die for!
The frosting - only homemade. My mom showed us all growing up - its one of those throw in this, throw in that kinda thing - but basically it comes down to a half stick butter and half stick margarine; cream that with confectioners sugar - little at a time til its smooth and creamy - while its beating throw in a little bit of salt and at least a tsp of vanilla. My mom always used around 4 squares of Bakers Unsweetened chocolate -melted and cooled. I up the ante to 6 squares :-) You add that and some more confectioners sugar - its usually too thick so i throw in either some sour cream or some milk or both - again its sorta a see how it looks and tastes and add accordingly .. lots of beating with the kitchenaid.
you need to put your recipe on your blog now :-)

Babsarella said...

Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you are staying warm with all the snow. Love Miss Holly. She is just the cutest. Too funny about her warming herself. Those critters love to be snuggly. Now we are not having anything like the weather you are having, but I had to BRIBE Miss Beula with treats this morning just to get her outa bed and outside to take care of her bathroom needs before work. Sheesh...I wish someone would bribe me that way!!!

Will said...

I'm a box kind of guy too. I just like to use the update from Paula. I have only made five from scratch cakes: Red Velvet, German Chocolate, Carrot, Italian Cream, and Chocolate. Mildred uses raw egg in her chocolate frosting which I am OUT on consuming raw anything. I'm squinting bracing for the blast from her.

Sue McGettigan said...

Nothing quite like the sight of a fresh baked cake under a glass dome, I do love that!

LOL at the kitty with her tummy against that heater, I'd love to do that :) DS is usually to be found lying with his feet against a heating vent, reclining and reading a book - funny kid, I love to see him doing that. Life is short, make the most of heater vents.

Donna said...

Love Holly so much. How dare you move her from her spot. How rude. Will told me he's wanting your cake dome. It's exactly like mine and I don't remember him coveting mine. Hmmm. Guess I could get him one for his b-day or give him back his depression glass cake plates. Naaah...not gonna do that because they will work nicely in my new pretty studio :).