Monday, February 19, 2007

It is a well known fact

that bra shopping is theeeee most dreaded type of shopping there is on the face of the earth. It's evil when you must do it for yourself and more evil when you have to take your daughter. Fortunately today I only had to go myself. (did i use the word fortunate in conjunction with the phrase "bra shopping" ? yes i spose i did - don't worry it won't happen again).
I am not a big shopper in the first place. I hate, despise and loath clothes shopping. Shoe shopping runs a close second but the winner and still champion most hated shopping of all is for brassieres.
I do of course love shopping for anything paper, fabric, book, craft or food related. Natch, right? I will admit when i was a few pounds lighter i found shopping tolerable but i still didn't find it enjoyable. I just have never gotten it. My older sister looooooves to shop. She is also - on a fat day - a size 0. (Really) She's always liked to dress up - I, on the other hand, have always liked to be comfortable. Wherein lies all the trouble with bra shopping - bras just are never comfortable. Even when they fit delightfully well, and are made of lovely soft, silky fabrics, i would love to go without and I cannot.
So I've been saying for weeks i need to go bra shopping. My current bras need replacing desperately. I've found all kinds of things to do in order to avoid the bra shopping. But today was the day - lets go and get it over with I said.
I talked with my younger sister today before i forced myself into the car and over to the mall. She agreed with me that the main reason bra shopping is so annoying is that once you find a bra you like - its comfortable (as its ever gonna get), it fits properly, its in the colors you need namely white and maybe off white or cream (sorry but who really needs purple, pink, or blue bras?) - once you find the holy grail of bra-dom - they discontinue making it. It is a major slap in the face (or lower). They do the same thing with makeup (think about it - lipstick, eyeshadow.. c'mon you know what i'm talkin about).
Okay so i head over to the lovely Dulles Town Center (yes, not far from the Dulles Airport) and decide to try Macy's. I don't know what i was thinking going to a shopping mall on a "hoiday" however i was able to find a parking space and i made my way to the "intimate apparel" department.
Have any of you been bra shopping lately? Does everyone want a push up bra or something? its just ridiculous. I actually do own one - the last attempt at bra shopping maybe 2-3 months ago - it was the only thing i thought was remotely comfortable. After i got that thang home i found it is only comfortable for maybe an hour. After that you're trying desperately to keep the girls in check.
I will end the suspense and tell you I did indeed find 3 bras - all the same, cotton, Bali. It was a buy two, get one free - total bonus. (oh i forgot to mention - the darned things are not cheap - the slap on the other side of the face).
Whilst i was shopping i meandered through the rest of the department and came upon some lovely pajamas. I love pajamas. Why i never buy them for myself i do not know. The husband has bought me pajamas before (he's bought me the other silly stuff which is more for his enjoyment than mine but i digress) - and they've been the nicest things - all soft and comfy. Well i found 2 pairs of pj bottoms and one set of pajamas (top and bottoms) all from that wonderfully fluffy soft material (i cannot think of the name of it - sorta fleecy). So i treated myself - they were majorly on sale so why the heck not. I deserved it - i bra shopped!
I absolutely cannot wait to put on those pj's.


Donna said...

Well, I'm glad you got the pajama consolation prize, but I did tell you to stay home and make cards :). However, I must say, I'm glad the bra thing is over. You've been agonizing over it for a month! I'll also add that getting a colored bra is a mistake. I've had only one in recent history (not flashy just black) and anytime I wear it, I always end up wearing a white shirt. Can you say idiot??
Can't wait to see how Will is going to respond to this post! Can you say awkward??

Will said... it hot in here to anyone else but me? Ok...uh...umm--did you know in 1917 the corset was put on war ration because the making of it used too much metal? Uh...ok...well... I think I hear my grass growing so I'm going to go check. Macy's huh...nice store used to be Foley's here and Famous Barr in Missouri, but they were bought out and all changed over to Macey's not much different but the name. I bet they have some nice stuff in there. Oh yeah, grass.

MyRDreams said...

I know it's only noon, but are you in those new pajamas. Or, should I say, are you out of them yet? I love soft, cuddly jammies. I am an addict at buying pj's. Maybe it's because I like comfy clothes too, and what better way is there than to be comfy in jammies. And, whats wrong with the occasional "purple" bra??? LOL. I've got one, and actually kind of like it. Although, I never wear it with anything where it can be seen. ...really, it is the bra I always buy, and I found the purple one on the clearance rack (wonder why???). Couldn't resist the bargain.

Babsarella said...

Yup. I hear ya. My favoritest ones I have had for quite a while and got all they had at Marshalls years ago. I am gonna be really bummed when I have to replace them. They are Wacoal and I gotta say they are the best. Nothing ever gets outta place or shows through. Very comfortable. I have a few other brands, but you can bet I'll be doing wash when they are all in the hamper and I'm forced to wear a different type. Hope you enjoy your new jammies!!