Wednesday, February 28, 2007

wednesday whatever

i'm still getting used to this not working thing. of course it won't last long but it still is a little odd. I'm trying to enjoy it. I'm doing things when i want to for the most part - which is pretty nice. For example, i could run a bunch of errands this morning and not have to stop on the way home from work. In those last few months working i rarely had a day off - which is when i would normally do all those things that need doing dontchaknow.
Now - well i'm a lady of leisure - well sorta. I've taken up knitting as i mentioned previously. That's fun.
And i've been able to read more - a lot more. When i was working i still read. Picture me cooking dinner and my book on the island (centrally located in the kitchen natch) - reading whilst i flipped a burger or mashed potatoes. Ok. I was a little crazy but i love to read and it seemed like a perfectly fine time to fit in a chapter.
I like to read in chunks. i cannot read a few pages then go to bed. I have to read maybe 50 pages at a time to fully digest the information. If i only read a few pages i seem to have to go back and reread it all.
So, one of those errands this morning was to go to the library. Drop of 2 books i finished and pick up another. I still have yet another book i haven't begun. The pick up book was one i'd been on the waiting list for: Plum Lovin by Janet Evanovich. I love the Stephanie Plum books. If you haven't read them you should treat yourself. They're laugh out loud funny. I like funny. The main character, Stephanie, is a bounty hunter but she gets herself involved in all sorts of trouble. And then of course she is from New Jersey. SOLD :-)
I would suggest reading the Plum series from the beginning - the first book is called "One for the Money" followed by "Two for the Dough" and so on.
So i will be reading Plum Lovin today. its a pretty thin volume so i doubt it will take too long.
Then i will get back to reading that other book i have by one of my other favorite authors, Rita Mae Brown. Rita Mae writes some fun stuff - she has just the most wonderful wit. I started to read the books she co-authors with her cat, Sneaky Pie Brown. What i love about them is that the animals in the books are characters as well - have wonderful little personalities and are very endearing. The Sneaky Pie books are mysteries - i love a mystery. They are all set in a town in Virginia - not really all that far away. She mentions my town occasionally due to the fact its has a very famous equine center as well as being the center of county government. Rita Mae also has written some other wonderful novels - my most favorites are named "Six of One","Bingo" and "Loose Lips" - get them if you want a fun read. I just brought back two books called "Outfoxed" and "Hotspur" and last week i returned "The Hunt Ball". All three of these are part of a series she's written where the setting is once again, Virginia but it is all set with a backdrop of fox hunting. Wonderfully entertaining mysteries and interesting as i knew little about fox hunting.
ok... i've bored you all enough. Go read something.


Babsarella said...

Sounds like lots of great books. Wish I had more time to read. Hopefully this summer I can read a few!

Will said...

My Mom would curl up with a book and do the most amazing trick: she folded her ear inside itself. It was very strange but also very cool to me. that was just part of her preparation to leave this world and go to wherever this book traveled.

Sue McGettigan said...

I love a good book, better still a mystery! Don't have to turn my ears in, I just don't hear a thing if I'm absorbed in a book. Thanks for the new reading list :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Tracy, I just bopped on over to your site from Michelle Ward's Crusade site. I like the piece you submitted for the Crusade, very nice. I hope to see more of your work in the future. I read your blog further, we have very similar tastes in reading! (Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, Janet Evanovich--I'm closing to having read everything they've written!)
~Suzanne Renfrow

Donna said...

I used to read constantly. Always had a novel going. Somehow, I've gotten to where I like nonfiction. Odd. More studious type reading. I guess it's all those years of diligent Bible research. Not sure, but I'd like to get back to the place where I can sit back and enjoy novel reading. I'm just so drawn to ancient Rome.