Monday, April 10, 2006

i don't whistle while i work

i listen (and half watch) tv and movies.
sometimese i full watch but whatever.
i know some people find the tv distracting but its like the radio to me.
i have it on in the background. Sometimes i watch only.
More often than not however i work on something while i'm "watching"
With movies we rent - those- i sit and watch - just watch.
No sketchbook or project.
Like over the last two weekends we've rented
Capote, Crash, and North Country.
For me - thats a lot of sitting still and watching and doing nothing else.
However all three were worth it. See'em if you have time.
But back to tv.
I like having it on. Like i said its like radio to me. Perhaps i don't like complete quiet.
No - definitely i don't like complete quiet.
But i find i can work on scrapbook pages, make cards, stamp....definitely sketch in
my book - while "watching" tv.
Things just flow for me with that noise in the background.
The radio or cd's rarely do the same thing for me.
And once i get to that place - i have no idea whats happening on the tv -
i just tune it out. funny huh?

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Babsarella said...

I do the same thing. I find that when I rent a movie I also prefer to just sit and watch it. We recently rented Crash, but I could not stay awake to finish it, and never re-watched it. I am hoping to see the other ones you mentioned. Blair and I just watched The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio and really liked it.