Sunday, April 16, 2006

blog hopping

tis the season for hopping tisn't it?
so tonite after an early Easter dinner (early as in -son visits for Easter weekend and is going back to school on Easter Sunday- early) i had good intentions of updating here.
its been over a week i'm sure since i've posted.
but intentions are often good 'round here
but i digress
(as i often do)
First i work on some cards.
feeling a tad inspired.
new stamps do that for me :-)
new stamps and old stamps ta-gether
so after playing a while with the stamps i think
now i'll upload a few photos from our annual easter egg dye-ing event
and then i think
i'll just check some of my favorite blogs
do a lil readin
well i blog-hopped for hours it seems
and now its way too late

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