Saturday, April 08, 2006

This explains my problem

with the scrapbooking world
(i have numerous other problems... but today we'll tackle this one... we just don't have enuf room to tackle all the others)
read this blog entry titled "scrapbooking" dated yesterday, 4/7
her entry about the editors wanting her to crop the butt out of her layout is where my problem lies.
No matter if she was scrappin for herself or to get herself into a magazine - why oh why is the editor asking her to edit her life?
If scrappin is taking your photos and putting them on cardstock and adding the words to retell a story why do we need to edit that memory?
that butt is real. it's part of the story. Years from now it will still be part of the story. (perhaps it is not the focus of that particular layout however it is part of that persons anatomy - that person was in the picture. they were part of the story of that layout. Just cos some editor didn't like the picture - now we change the memory of that day?)
i'm all for cropping photos. getting rid of distractions in pics. Sure. You're trying to tell what happened in the photos. But why does some editor need to step in and tell her what she should be editing. Obviously she included that pic as it was. Thats the way life is. Big butts and all.
If she wanted to edit out the butt that was her business. But having some magazine editor tell her to edit it out... i got problems with that.
It is her memory. She gets to include what pics she wants and edit them the way she wants.
(i should add here apparently the blogger didn't mind the fact the editor wanted her to crop that pic. i mind. does anyone care what i think? no. but i still have an opinion and that is what this is about. So there)
Is she designing a magazine spread or a scrapbook page?
i've done both.
They are entirely different things.
But more and more i am seeing less scrapbooking and more magazine layout creation - as a scrapbook page.
i don't want my scrapbooks to look like a magazine layout.
i like the way scrapbooks look real.
i'm talking old time scrapbooks.
Like someone's hands have made them.
There's love in that handmade look.
Magazine spreads look very sanitized. Very perfect and thats all good if you are making a magazine.
ok. rant over.
go back to what you were doing

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Christa H. said...

HERE HERE girlfriend! I AGREE!!!!
Yes I do!