Wednesday, April 06, 2005

singing and pictures

well the birthday was nice. quiet but nice... after all the phone calls of course.
In my family, when its your birthday, you are called by anyone who has access to a telephone - singing happy birthday to the birthday person is required. If a group sing is possible, all family members are gathered round the phone to sing, at the top of their lungs, and quite often off key, the birthday standard. It wouldn't be a birthday without the singing you see.
So Eliz got her phone calls, opened gifts, had cake and ice cream. All which were documented by moi with my trusty camera. One must have singing and photos taken on one's birthday.
Since the birthday i've been working on work things - creating sample cards for the card class i teach at the store. Cute, fun, cards. I'm just about done and look forward to doing something non-card. i really am.

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Christa H. said...

Sounds like a great family tradition!!!