Saturday, April 09, 2005

more cleaning

taking another break... now i'm cleaning the chamber of horrors.

translation: teenager bathroom

you're thinking "why aren't the teenagers cleaning it?"

good point. interesting point. however its that vision problem again. they just don't see dirt the way mothers see dirt. its a scientific fact.

it is E's job to clean her bathroom. and J's job to share when he's in residence (not away at college.. there he's got a nightmare bathroom of his own - one he shares with three other men. he has gained a new appreciation for my cleaning skills. )

so i admit i've been a little lax reminding her of her bathroom cleaning job. I either plain forget or, when i do remember, she's got a load of homework to do all weekend. And she doesn't remember hateful jobs on her own. Why should she be different than others right?

Well, I'm almost done cleaning in there. I'm having trouble getting the smell of all the cleaning products out of my nose. My fingers are fairly pruney and i've used almost an entire roll of paper towels. Thank God for the paper towel.

Next stop: my bathroom

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Christa H. said...

Hahahaa- I got my kids trained to clean it themselves.....ick- wouldn't want to do that