Saturday, April 09, 2005

productive day

at least i can say its been a productive day. i got a good bit of the upstairs cleaned -thats two bathrooms and 4 bedrooms - well 3 bedrooms and one scrapbook room :-) .

I should be honest and say Eliz tidied her room (you can now walk thru the room to open the window - an accomplishment). I only vacuumed J's room.

My bedroom - a bit of tidying done but no where near cleaned up. The bedroom area isn't in such awful shape but the sitting room area is still a mess (I shall enlist the husbands help as its mostly his mess). But the two bathrooms up here - you can eat off the floors and not fear any skeery germs. Whilst i cleaned i should note i ran a lot of laundry - tons of towels not to mention one large load of whites. (isn't it ridiculous how i need to justify my time? oy!)

And of course my sparkly clean kitchen floor (and off the kitchen area powder room - lest i forget to mention it). Now all this cleaning is good for what ails me - i dont know about anyone else but when things get too messy around here - i feel slightly crazy. I'm not a neat and tidy person (if you could only see my drawing table - its piled yet again with half finished projects - you'd see i dont mind a bit of mess). But when the dirt and piles get to a certain level i feel a little nuts. I cannot have too much clutter.

And my craziness comes at a good time - we will be having guests on the 20th for Eliz's Confirmation - so the cleaning must commence now. That's only 11 days away. Between everyday work and home nonsense (cooking, laundry - you get the idea) and a class at work to teach - well 11 days might not be enough time to get this place ready for company. Oh and i need to shop for something to wear for the aforementioned Confirmation. ugh... shopping. well thats a discussion for another day.

i am off to finish a belated card or two. nitey nite.

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Christa H. said...

oh - I love a clean house! But don't care much to clean it- but I do....makes ya feel good huh?