Thursday, April 14, 2005

Go with the flow

Sometimes when it rains it pours.
And the sun is shining outside. so we're not talkin "mother nature" weather.
I'm just busy. Busy is a good thing for me but i just wish sometimes things didn't pour so often lately.
Last nite my sister, nephew and mom came by with pizza. My mom lives in town and my sister and nephew are visiting from out of state. I was so excited they were coming for a long overdue visit but then I realized I'd also be working while they were here. They're leaving town on Friday - when of course it would fit in so much better to have a nice dinner for them. But you gotta go with these things when they happen (not my long suit) and enjoy.

Forget about the class you're teaching tonite you still need to create some more samples for. Forget about the two other classes you have to make samples for by Friday.

And we did enjoy the short, pepperoni topped, visit. We caught up quick. Did a lot of laughing and eating pizza. It was nice and too short.

Today i'm home from work and created a little album (as an additional sample for the class) called "the faces i love". The faces that were sitting around the table last nite are most of the ones in the album. (notable missing faces are my son and the other sister and her two sons.) I'll post pics later but now i think i need to take a wee nap and shower. Then on to the next class samples which should be fun.

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Christa H. said...

ooohh the faces i love album sounds great! What fun classes! Sorry you couldn't spend more time w/ your family!