Saturday, April 30, 2005

flowers and chocolate

so it's a rainy crummy day here in VA but i was determined not to let this day get me down. Today's the 15th anniversary of my father's death and 3 yrs and 11 days ago the anniversary of my brothers death. Gee this seems like its gonna be a maudlin entry - but hang with me.
I miss them both very much and while I have my teary moments i think i have many moments that are just lovely thinking about them - knowing they'd be amused at a joke I'd heard or a television show we watched ... whatever.
But I like to make sure my Mom is not dwelling on their being gone - especially today. So I went over to the grocery store and picked up a few things we needed - and decided on two bunches of flowers i thought she'd like and a container of these gourmet chocolate cookies i knew we'd both like and drove on by her place. She was in a fine mood as it happened - not all sad as i feared she might be and we had a nice time. Just chatting away and munching on those cookies. Neither of us could eat more than two - and believe me - for two chocoholics to say enough at two - well you know they had to be decadent and rich.
Anyhow it was a good way to spend some time - eating chocolate and enjoying the pretty flowers. Talking with my Mom. Daddy and Ricky would approve I'm sure.
And when i arrived home, there was my son - back from college. His freshman year completed. I got a back breaking hug from him.
Not a bad day at all.

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Christa H. said...

Oh Hon- so sorry....but I am so happy for you that you have your mom around to spoil- she deserves it! So kind of you to do that...ya can't go wrong w/ flowers and chocolate!! Sounds like you had a nice time...and you know I luv ya! Keep a smile on your face!