Sunday, June 29, 2008

some shop cards

I was in the mood the other night to glue. I hauled out my quickutz binder and handtool and decided on this bee die and off to work I went. I made a bunch o'bees. I knew I had some of this yellow gingham Making Memories paper hanging around (from the day 1 at least) - its a good basic paper isn't it? i knew i'd use it one day - and that day had arrived. The sentiment is computer printed - i just didnt have a stamp sentiment large enough so there you are.

I had a little black gingham ribbon but knew I didn't have enough for the six cards I'd planned to make. Hauled out the 2 boxes of ribbon I've got and found some self-adhesive stitched black ribbon i think worked out quite nicely. i did a little piercing around one of the circles and decided I didn't want to do that on all of them - just didnt have the concentration that was required to make them nice and evely spaced that night.
these next ones are kinda simple - that's the way it seems to go. i make some elaborate cards (or, for me, they're elaborate) then i want to make something very plain. This one makes me think of Neopolitan Ice Cream (ya think?) Anyway the right most panel scanned up bluish when, in fact, its the same tan color as the center circle (and the tan stripe - whatsupwiththat?)

I have a bunch more cards to share but I'll save those for another day. I need to get going - it may be Sunday- but that seems, sometimes, like my busiest day of the week.


June Houck said...

Oh, the bee cards are even cuter than I imagined in my head when you described them to me!

Love the masculine cards too :)

You go, girl!

Sue McGettigan said...

Cute cards - as for the paper piercing, apply the KISS principle :)

lauren said...

fabulous work, as usual, king friday! (sorry...but you started the mr. rogers train of thought by invoking said hyper-active mailman in the post above!) (lol) :)

Lisa Renéa said...

Love these adorable cards! Reminds me I've got a stash of KMA gingham pp around here, somewhere! That bee is just Adorable! Great cards!