Sunday, June 22, 2008

Big Adventure

well she's off on her big adventure. My daughter.
I'm getting a little peek at what it's going to be like when she leaves for college in the fall of '09 - and if this adventure is any indication -
she will be fine
- i'm gonna be a mess.
it's funny how each child is so alike yet so different. When my son went off to college I wasn't a bit worried - about him - or my reaction to his being off at college. Of course it took a little while for it to sink in just how much we missed him around here. And we did. and we do. But he's always had an air about him - well we knew he'd be ok.
My daughter - I guess for a million reasons - non that are really rational - we worry. She is smart and sensible and is the best kid on the planet. She's never given us a reason to worry about how she will behave or that she won't always do the right thing.

Perhaps cos she's our little girl or cos she's our baby? Yeah that's probably it. LOL
So what is she doing?
She's gone for a month at an institution of higher learning (translation: art college) doing a pre-college program to basically work on her portfolio. Exciting stuff huh? She intends to apply to a number of art schools and wants to have the uber portfolio for her applications. She applied, with her porfolio as it stands now, and was accepted into this pretty cool program. (proud mom here). So that's where she is right now. The fun stuff begins tomorrow (the actual classes) and I have to admit I'm a tad jealous :-) She got into the core class she wanted (illustration) and takes another workshop as well as art history classes they require. They'll do trips to large cities where they'll take in wonderful art exhibits (are you jealous too?). The whole thing is a great opportunity and let me tell you - this kid deserves it. Along with all this wonderful art shtuff there is also the taste of college life which is also most cool - but a lot more supervised (cool from a mom viewpoint LOL)
So anyway - we left her there and have, of course, been worried ... for no rational reason - other than we are her parents and she is our baby. She called tonite to say hi and give us the lowdown. (i wonder if she was able to hear my audible sigh of relief when I said "hi!")She sounded great and we now can rest easier. I'm already looking forward to another phone call .... a mother's worrying is never done.
in the meantime I must occupy my time to keep from said worrying. so I've been fooling with stamps. Specifically Purple Onion Designs stamps. Yesterday I stamped and colored - today I stamped, dry and heat embossed and generally fooled around.... and had a nice-mydaughterisawayfromhomeatprecollegeandi'mworiedfornorationalreason- distraction fest playing with stamps. I just wished I'd had more time to play. Perhaps tomorrow?
goodnight all


June Houck said...

Oh, I am soooo happy for Eliz! Following in her mom's footsteps too :)

I have a very small inkling as to how you are feeling about Eliz going off to college cos I am excited/sad (?) about the girls being gone all day in first grade as of Sept. 2nd. I do enjoy the extra 2 1/2 hrs each day I've had 1-on-1 w/ Kathryn the past 2 years. Now she will be gone all day too, like Julia. I keep looking at them and wondering how they got so tall and 6 years old already. They were babies waddlers and toddlers like yesterday, weren't they?

Not the same as going off to college, I know!

Lisa Renéa said...

Tracy--hugs for you sweetie! I sooo understand about the lil babe away from home, school, worry, etc. How is it we are sooo proud, yet a bit sad at the same time?? Kudos to Ms. Eliz for knowing her heart and seeking out her dreams! Young women today are sooo strong! Thinking of you, dear! Your friendship is SO appreciated!!!!

lauren said...

OMG!!! what an amazing and fabulous opportunity for DA GAL!!! no wonder you are an (especially) proud mama! as well you might be! that is unbelievably cool and awesome--CONGRATS!

(ps: and an extra special "well done" to you, dearest darling, for being a worried mom who encourages the kid to GO ANYWAY!!! lots of ppl in that situation would be *SAYING* "go" in a way that'd make the kid hesitant to embrace the opportunity...but NOT MISS TRACY b/c she is just soooooo very wonderful!!!) (& you'll see: this'll make the college bit easier next year...b/c BOTH of you will already *know* you can do it!!!)


Babsarella said...

Love the cute card and sounds like Miss E is on the perfect adventure!! Just focus on the good stuff and the fact that you have lots more time to be creative!! (yeah, I know I would be a worried mama too). Hugs and happy thoughts comin your way...

Babsarella said...

p.s. Miss B will be flying unaccompanied for the first time in early July and I am worried about that. Keeping my fingers crossed that she can find her gate and pay attention to get on the plane like she is supposed to do.

Linda M said...

I enjoy your blog. Sorry I don't get here more often. Where is miss e off to do her art work? That is cool and I totally understand. I have a hard time whenever the kids are away--esp Katie & Rachel.

Hugs to you,