Friday, June 27, 2008


or birthday city or whatever you want to call it - that's what is goin on around here. My husband and my sons birthday - yesterday and today. So the week has been occupied with that. Yesterday our A/C decided to quit - just in the main part of the house (the upstairs and the rec room basement area was ok - the basement is always cool even without the A/C) - only put a slight damper on our birthday festivities. Good call made by the birthday boy yesterday to ask for Carvel Ice Cream Cake! Ice cream always tastes especially good in hot weather dontcha think? Anyway, I made the son this card.

I've been making a lot of cards the last few days - the coffee shop is in need of replenishment, right June? I'll be posting those in the next few days.

Fortunately I was able to get the A/C guy out here today and I am now sitting in Cools-ville. Which is ever such a nice place to be!

I need to make this quick here - I should be getting ready - we're going out for a little birthday celebration. It will be just my husband and myself. Son has his second job to go to and the daughter is off on her adventure. I have to admit its strange not having her around - and son not joining in on the birthday for his Dad (last nite sorta made up for it but still....). I guess we're entering that new phase huh? In some ways its disconcerting - and in other ways its kinda nice. It's not like its happened all at once of course. Your kids slowly move on to the next stages - little by little they are doing their own stuff. I guess why I'm thinking of it is because of the birthdays. Before my daughter left, she - who I never thought of as sentimental - mentioned she'd be missing the boys birthdays for the first time ever.
Oh well. Have a good one!


June Houck said...

I am so glad Birthday-ville became Cools-ville :)

I am looking forward to your next posts. I hope I can get my mojo on too. My get up and go got up and went. I've spent 2-3 hours in my craft room yesterday and made nuthin'. I am so frustrated!

Sue McGettigan said...

Bitersweet, isn't it, this spreading of the wings and learning to fly? We're having those moments too :) Happy birthday to da boyz!

Will said...

You trained her well and she will be sentimental because you did so much for her all of her life. After last night I'm wishing I were in that empty nest and missing my kids thing...I'm just holding my breath until they wake up...sigh...

lauren said...

holy moly last week was birthday central in the tracysphere!!! happy birthday to BOTH those nice fellas a bit belated!

(carvel ice cream cake...ok, you KNOW my feelings on this, and yet i will still add a vicarious MMMmmmmmmMMmmMmMMMmmmmmmmmmMmmm, ok?!!!!)