Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Graduation cards

I made a few graduation cards for the coffee shop. Kept them in (what I consider to be) classic graduation colors - black, white, red (which incidentally happens to be the school colors of one of the local high schools....... ). All the stamps are from the SU! Great Grads set. I used the Cuttlebug embossing folder Swiss Dots, SU! ticket corner punch, and some eyelets on the first card as well as the Quickutz grad cap die on the second and third cards. I used my rectangle Nestabilities to cut and emboss the rectangles on the 2nd and 3rd cards as well.
The heat finally broke a bit here last night with a small storm. It was only about 88 here today and no humidity thank goodness. The braces are off my daughters teeth and she has a most dazzling smile - just in time for those senior pics she had taken yesterday. Tomorrow we're back to the orthodontist to get the retainer. Friday is my daughters last day of school topped off by a visit to the doctor to make sure she's up to date on her vaccinations. Where she's going this summer they require you to have all your shots.... that should keep you guessing (one hint: she's only leaving the state - not the country).
I'll be back with some father's day cards next okay?


cindy said...

Cute cards! I fooled around and did not do any grad stuff this year. Sold several little books last year. Did not even do anything for my own nieces (gasp). Store bought. LOL. Oh the horror. See if you lived closer I would hav bought yours.

: D


lauren said...

lemme see...she's living leaving VA...but not the USA...and she need all her shots?!


she's comin' to JERSEY!!!!!!! woohoo! tell her to be sure to stop in for a visit!!! :) :) :)
(hahaha--i crack m'self up!)

ps: those are some mighty handsome graduation cards you've got there NOT stand between them and the cash register at are likely to be stampeded!!!

Will said...

Those cards are really cool. I wish you sold them in etsy, I'd buy them for sure. Really cool.

I'm wondering if your sweet daughter if going to a camp as a counselor? Don't forget to reveal the mystery.

Babsarella said...

Love your terrific cards!! Can't wait to hear more about E's adventure.

June Houck said...

You've sold one of each of these already :)

Sue McGettigan said...

Super cute grad cards! I've been using the same stamp set for grads, just love it :) How cool that Eliz has braces-free smileage happening!

michelle cook infantino said...

I am so jealous that you have a coffee shop that sells your cards! I love your clean style. Not something I've ever been able to master.

Lemme tell ya about braces. Had them for quite a while and 20 years later I STILL wear my retainer every now and again and my teeth have only shifted a smidge. Not bad. I even went back and got new retainers after my root canal as my old didn't fit anymore. Best thing I've done. My teeth shift a little. I wear my retainer for a couple nights and woolah! Back in line! Totally works. Just something to keep in mind for later.

Linda M said...

These are wonderful! Are they for the coffee shop too? I like your dad's day ones also.

Lisa Renéa said...

Love all of your cards, dear...but these grad ones, are SUPER!!!