Sunday, February 03, 2008

well hi there!

i was planning on posting another birthday queen creation - she's been a busy girl that birthday queen- however i don't wanna post til i'm sure the fille courante d'anniversaire (gosh i hope thats right lol) has seen it!

on to other things - made this card for a college friend of mine. i love this anna griffin stamp! and i love hydrangea.

I made this next card for my brother-in-law whose birthday was yesterday - him and Punxsutawney Phil

I hadn't bought anything new paper-wise in a while. I went to a small local scrapbook store (on my way home from chauffering the daughter somewhere) I haven't been to in probably over a year and this creative imaginations paper was screaming out to me 'hey... take me home - and whilst you're at it grab some of those buttons!' I did make a few cards with the CI buttons but this particular card has some buttons from my own stash. Oh and the stamp is from Stampin Up!
Let's see what else have I been up to - reading. I read a book called Escape by Carolyn Jessop (about her escape from her life in the Fundamentalist LDS church. It was a little repetitive - coulda used some more editing in my opinion but) it was a pretty compelling story.
An absolutely brilliant book I recently finished is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Suggested by my friend Donna. I thought why would I want to read a book about a guy who joins the circus? But knowing Donna wouldn't steer me wrong I got it from the library. Wow. What an amazing book - if you're looking for something to read - run - do not walk - to your library and get it. You will not be sorry.
Lost was on the other night - do you love Lost? I do! Now if you've never watched Lost you can catch up on all the seasons by watching on They have all the episodes online! However that's a big time investment now isn't it? Okay. Well you can also catch up by watching this video - Everything you need to know about Lost in 8 minutes
Even if you are all caught up this video is hilarious!
Okay - its Super Bowl Day - gotta get moving - Go Giants!


michelle cook infantino said...

love your stitching as always and great book for Michele. your drawings are just amazing.

Joan Y said...

Tracy, you are my inspiration. I have no idea how you can create such beautiful crafts, take care of family, do all you do and still have time to read! Beautiful cards!

Babsarella said...

Mega gorgeous cards!!! Pretty papers too! Thanks for the tip on the book. I will have to check it out. We were rooting for the Giants too...Gotta keep that perfect season with the Miami Dolphins only!! Plus Eli is so cute!

June Houck said...

I am lucky enough to have seen both of these in person!

Sue McGettigan said...

Two beautiful cards - classic tfp! You totally sucked me into an extensive Amazon session researching those two books and the other 'recommended reading' that accompanied them - thanks for the reviews, I love to hear about good books for my next library trip :)

Lisa Renéa said...

Tracy as usual your hydrangea card is a total vision of loveliness! Great guy card, too!

lauren said...

hey no fair! you can't post TWO such cool cards at the same time! how on earth are we supposed to choose one to love the most?!

well...guess what...WE CAN'T!!! i'm afraid i'm just gonna have to be polycardinous and love them *both*!!! (so there!) :)