Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Rakarama 2008 (5th Edition)

Yes kids, it's that time of year again.
Time for my annual Valentine Rakarama.
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about - I belong to an online group of wonderful women for what - the past 6 years? is that possible girls? Anyway each year I send them all a valentine. You can check out past years here
I thought this was the 4th year but I forgot to scan that first year's cards - darn!
Usually I make one design and make one for everyone. One year it was the same basic design and I changed certain elements (monogram). This year I couldn't make up my mind. I had basic cardstock, patterned paper, stamps, and punch I wanted to use. So I said what the heck - I'll just use those items and make a different one for each person. (yes, I was feeling a little crazy!)
I know a few of them have received theirs and the rest should get theirs by today - i hope. If you don't want to see - stop looking girls! The scans aren't great but it was more important to me to quickly scan then get them in the mail. Without further ado....

Some details: i teastained cardstock and stamped on the Stampington main hearts. That eyelet-y looking type lace is cardstock punched using a Martha Stewart punch (I love Martha). The patterned paper is last year's Basic Grey (still looks good this year I think). All the other stamps (the ribbon label, postage, LOVE, music and script backgrounds, small hearts and the faboo Damask) are Purple Onion Designs (only thing not POD is a flourish I used on a few of them - that's Rhonna Farrar). I used a versamark ink as well as StampinUp! inks, some buttons, some ribbon and of course, my sewing machine.
Okay - I gotta get moving for the day. I'm going to do some scrapbooking tonite! Have a good one


Babsarella said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I can't wait to get mine!!! I love what I see here and look forward to seeing which one will arrive!!! You are so good to us!!!! THANK you in advance (I sure hope there is one in my mailbox, or I am gonna look really foolish).

June Houck said...

Now see, I think these are all FUN valentines. You used similar colors to the dps Bo Bunny used for their valentine papers in 2007. I loved those! It was the last kit I ever bought from you remember?

Sue McGettigan said...

Thanks Tracy - I LOVE my tfp Valentine :)

michelle cook infantino said...

I got mine! I got mine! I love it. I'm saving it to display next year on my vintage hangers from Character Constructions. Love those things. Keep switching out cards during each holiday. Your card will be next year's Valentines Day decoration!

Love the sewing and love the Purple Onion postage. That was a super cool touch.

Thanks Tracy. I know this is a lot of work. You've spoiled us!

KraftyKerilou said...

Mine arrived ON the day! I love it so much, Tracy!! Thanks again for thinking of me!! keri

Jean said...

I am crazy about these and the ones with the wings totally rock!!!

such a glamorous collection of colors, too!!! WOW!

cindy said...

These are all lovely. You always do a magnificent job.


lauren said...

HOLY MACKERAL! ...or should i say..HOLY *RAK*-eral!!!!!!!

(hahaha!!! ok...sorry...but that horrible joke HAD to be made, didn't it?! whaddaya mean, it didn't??!) :)

tracy, these are MAGNIFICENT!!! beautiful, fanciful, all to the same theme but each unique, and full of wonderful crafty valentine loooOOooooOOOve! how FABULOUS!

Lisa Renéa said...

Love love love mine! Your Valentine always gives me the warm fuzzies! They are so special & of course very thoughtful. I can't even imagine all the hours it takes to create these!
Thank ya!!

Will said...

Very cool. Those are some lucky ladies.

tina said...

mine came right on the day- thank you! I still have your 2007 valentine hanging up! :D

Kris said... were ambition Tracy!! I love the one I received. I didn't realize we were all originals. Thanks so much for thinking of me Miss Tracy.

Linda M said...

I can't believe you made them all different! I just love mine.

lauren said...

hello, sweetie-darling!

i know that technically, i have already commented on this post. but i really REALLY felt like commenting on a small smackerels post today. so i'm commenting AGAIN, on a post upon which i've already commented. bad bloggy etiquette, i realize, so do me a favor and:

a. don't tell anybody!
b. if you see me on the street, call me "RITA"!!!


Donna Layton said...

I have not been able to come to your blog because I didn't think I could take the Holly post. And, of course, I couldn't. I'm sitting here weeping and all I read was the title. Can't read the post.
I've been wanting to look at all the varied valentines. They are amazing. I know you enjoyed doing this for us and I also know how huge the project was. You know what?? I like mine the best. I wonder if that's psychological?? LOL. I just read Barbara's comment.