Saturday, February 09, 2008

Leave it to your kids (kitties) to make a liar outta you

well it's true
kids - kitties - all furry and non-furry children
they like to make a liar outta you
i said on my previous post that the kitties don't like car travel nor do they like the doctor's office
and indeed this was the case
the last time holly and frankie were in the car was a disaster. they frothed at the mouth and, in general, were flipping out. and when we got to the vet's office, the vet had to shake them out of their carriers - by turning it completely over! they held on for dear life until gravity took over - are you getting the picture?
So yesterday I decided on a plan of attack.
First of all I went to unearth their cat carriers.
I searched high and low and was only able to locate one. The darling husband told me later he'd given one of them away and said don't you remember? I said no.
Regardless that immediately set me to worrying - if you have cats who are flipping out in their carrier what will happen when you put two of them in one carrier? I was concerned they'd hurt each other because they'd be in a panic.
I crossed my fingers (and said a Hail Mary for good measure)
I replenished their "little pink sock" with fresh catnip (yes... I was hoping to dope them up naturally. hey... whatever works right?)
and got a bag of their favorite treats.
Then when it was time to leave, I brought them both to the carrier.
I dangled the little pink sock in front of Frankie's kisser and he walked right into the carrier.
Then I set out a line of treats and miss Holly walked right in and I shut the door.
I thought - hey... that was too easy.
I grabbed the carrier and put it into the car on the passenger front seat.
We left and I couldn't believe it (the beginning of them making a liar outta me) - they seemed quite content. They both sat in the carrier and just sniffed the air (it was kind of a nice day here).
No flipping out.
No frothing at the mouth.
I'm thinking okay but surely things will go south once we arrive and get into the exam room.
I set the carrier down and opened the door - out walks Holly (like she owned the joint) and she proceeds to look all around. Frankie wasn't his usual overly friendly self. I did have to pull him out of the carrier but he did just fine.
Now the reason I brought them there in the first place - Frankie had a small lump on his side. Obviously it didn't belong there and I was concerned.
Holly - she has been losing weight. Also not a good sign. This girl likes her food. One of my nicknames for her is "chubs". She had weighed 12 pounds. She has a small frame. At the doctor's office we weighed her and she came in at 8.9 lbs. See what I mean?
So anyway the doctor and I talked for a bit - they did some tests on both cats.
I got a call from the doctor late this afternoon.
My kids are fine. Everything is looking good for them both and I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear it. Even the doctor said it was nice to make such a happy phone call. I have to keep an eye on Holly's weight but aside from that ....
all is good.
I finished a book "Running with Scissors" - now that was a bizarre book
I'm working on some cards.
We're going to meet up with our nephew and his wife tomorrow nite in DC for dinner. We haven't been into DC for a bit so that should be fun. (I'm secretly hoping to sidetrack into Georgetown to maybe check out Paper Source but that may not work out. We'll see)


June Houck said...

I am so glad Frankie and Holly are well :) We also use the terms children & non-furry children! Yes, even at age 17, even gravity has trouble getting Skeeziks out of her carrier at the vet. It feels like I'm in a Garfield toon cell!

Joan Y said...

Tracy, what a hilarious story. I wonder if your cats needed to be together in one carrier all this time? I had the same experience with my dog immediately after I adopted her. I picked up her up from the vet (they had her spayed) and TRIED to put her in the carrier but she struggled so hard she nearly busted her stitches. I gave up and let her run amok in the car. Instead, she sat on the passenger seat like she owned the car and fell asleep. Furry kids are cool.

lauren said...

personally, my theory is:

the cats READ YOUR BLOG and were highly insulted at being characterized as some kind of inelegant, over-reactive lunatics (you'll be hearing from their attorneys, madame!) and said to themselves, "HA! we'll show HER!"

...or else that was some reeeeeeeeal fine, high-grade, kick-a**, colombian catnip you scored there...! :)

Lisa Renéa said...

Tracy-ya know i just adored this story, while i admit, i caught myself holding my breath til the very end!
I have to tell ya, my Fatboy loves to go for a ride. He sneaks into the garage, just to sit on the riding mower! I feel certian the furbabes are continually conspiring against me =) I hope Frankie and Holly are ok! Bless their hearts!

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL Tracy, the adventures of Frankie and Holly - I'm glad they were good bebes for you, even though it means they made a liar out of you :) My cat lived to be over 20 years old, but she never did love the car, and she only tolerated the vet :) The dog ... now that's a totally different story :)

Babsarella said...

Glad to hear a the critters are a-ok!!! Miss Beula sends her best wishes to them!! Oh my, how did ya like the book? I hated the movie. I bet the book was much better, just a bit weird (at least that is what I heard).

cindy said...

LOL! Just when you expect the worse behavior, well, they fool ya. LOL. So glad they are ok. That is wonderful news. Glad it all went well.


Jean said...

I know that book--very famous!Who is it--Augustin Burroughs? if so, he has a bro who has a famous book out right now as well.I love "writing team families" like the Sedaris siblings, David and...Amy?Do they overstep their bounds? yeah!

I am glad your cats are ok and that you had a good experience after all--I am telling Jim we need to get catnip for Cecil!

tina said...

hmmm- maybe they like being in the same carrier- aren't pets funny like that? I'm convinced that human and fur kids like to make liars out of us whenever possible. ;)