Sunday, March 09, 2008

no more sunbeams

some of you have noticed my absence. i appreciate the emails - its good to know one has friends who wonder what is going on when i'm not my usual blog-posting self.
i haven't felt much like posting.
truth to tell i don't feel much like it now.
the last two weeks have, frankly, stank out loud.
last i mentioned my cats i said i needed to keep an eye on Holly as she'd been losing weight. well unfortunately she didn't improve and it turned out she was a very sick little girl. very sick with only the worst outcome you can imagine. i took this photo of her last weekend. She was sitting in a sunbeam (that's what i like to call it)- and outside of being by my side - it was probably her favorite place to be - sunning her sweet little self.
We had to say goodbye to her yesterday.
Not a sunbeam in sight I'm afraid.
It was a rainy day here - outside and in my heart. I'm totally broken hearted.
She was the sweetest, smartest cat there ever was and she was the best friend I've ever had. Total unconditional love.
i emailed my sister to tell her the sad news. She had been so supportive the last two weeks as was the vet we had here. (unsung heroes these vets, i tell you). And she told me that i should remember I was her best friend too - right through to the end. And I guess that's true. But i still am crying over it all even though it was the right thing to do. Little Holly was my heart.
Anyway, there you have it. I'll be back making my blog rounds soon k? thanks everybody.


Amy Sheffer said...

{{{{{Tracy}}}}}, the biggest of hugs to you. You've been so quiet I knew something must be up. I am so very, very sorry for your loss.

michelle cook infantino said...

so so sorry.

June Houck said...

Holly was a very lucky girl to have you as her mommy, just as you were lucky to have such a wonderful sweet furry girl. Love and hugs!

Jean said...

Tons of hugs at this hard time !

I love you so much and I love Holly.


Will said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. I was wondering where you had been, asked Mildred if she had talked to you and she said not.

Lisa said...


So sorry to hear about your dear Holly. :( My thoughts are with you at this time.


lauren said...

oh my dear, i am so, SO sorry to hear about your loss! my mom always says that anyone you really love is worth some tears when they are gone...which doesn't make it easier...but i am glad you have this lovely photo of holly in her sunbeam!

thinking of you!!! lots of love,

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

such sad news, I'm so sad for you. What a wonderful home you provided Ms Holly over the years. bless your heart.

cindy said...

Oh Tracy, I'm so sorry honey. There is nothing like the loss of a furry friend. My two are as close to being my children as they can get, so I certainly understand. I'm so sorry for your loss, hollar if you need to "talk".


Lisa Renéa said...

Tracy, sending you hugs! Thanks for letting us know. As someone who lost two precious kitties in the past, i remember all too well the hurt & heartache. There are no words. Thinking of you & the family.

Babsarella said...

Miz T, I can just imagine how hard this must be. Know that I am thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers and sending you long distance hugs. I know that long distance hugs can never replace the furry nuzzle of your best friend, but you gave her an amazing life and I know she could not have wanted for anything. It is never easy to let go. Sending more hugs.

Kris said...

I'm so sad to hear of your loss Tracy. I can feel your sad heart.

KraftyKerilou said...

Tracy, I am sending comforting hugs your way. I am so sorry you lost your friend. I can for once say that I know how you feel. Keep thinking of all the good times! xo Kerilou

lauren said...

hi it's me again. i know, i know, enough with the "double-commenting" right?! :)

but when i saw the title of this post again it hit me that possibly, "NO MORE SUNBEAMS" is inaccurate: of course the sunbeams in your heart are pretty scarce right now (for which i offer renewed condolences to you, dearie!)

...BUT...without being at all a religious person, i am willing to bet BIG that wherever holly is right now, it's NUTHIN' BUT SUNBEAMS, baby!!! sunbeams...and catnip...and slow-movin' mice! oh yeah!

i wish she could send YOU a postcard (oh queen of greetings!) because i tink she'd say, "HEY MAMA! don't worry 'bout me--it is GREAT here!!!"

(none of which makes this any easier for YOU...but's nice to think of that little lady in perfect pain-free happiness, innit?!)

take care of yourself,
we are ALL thinking 'bout ya!

tina said...

Oh Tracy, I'm so sorry you lost your best friend. I know Holly left pawprints on your heart, and now she can be in every sunbeam. Love and hugs to you sweetie.


Sue McGettigan said...

Sending big, inky hugs to you Tracy. You are a very precious friend to furry-ones.

Linda M said...

That stinks. I'm sorry you lost your special friend. Love ya!

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