Monday, January 21, 2008

Took a wee break and now I'm back

Yeah I decided I needed to actually make some things and stay off the internet. well... not entirely but for the most part. how's that? I don't know about you, but I can really spend way too much time looking at blogs etc. By the time I finish, I'm wondering how come I don't have time to make anything! (sound familiar?)Okay so in the past week or so I've been busy making things when I'm not watching CNN (that's a little addiction that resurfaces when election time rolls around. can't help myself. don't want to)
The husband, who is a bigger CNN junkie than I, had the television tuned into the playoffs. When we were married, a million years ago, it was I who was the Giants fan. Grew up with the Giants. It is thoroughly entrenched in my family and background. I can, however, live very nicely without football. I had a bit too much of it growing up. Just the sound of the fans cheering sets my teeth on edge every Sunday. However, the husband loves it. He was a Colts fan. Long story. Suffice it to say he has pretty much always liked the Giants but since we were married - he's a Giants fan. Anyway....
Can I tell you what a happy man sounds like? I should have taken a picture to show what one looked like last nite. I was up here watching a movie. I could hear him yelling etc so he really didn't need to come running up the stairs to tell me who won.
Regardless, I have been making some things. One thing I'll have to wait to post - I need the recipient to receive it first. I realized today it's going to arrive late - forgot about the holiday. But I do have a little project I can show. It's one of those satisfying-yet-simple little projects you just smile at and say well now isn't this just great!? I was looking at Martha's website a few weeks ago and saw this project: Holiday Card Scrapbook I have saved probably every Christmas/holiday card I've ever gotten. Yes, I'm a serious packrat. I certainly save one sample of the cards I've made and sent each year. And I have trouble throwing out the cards I receive and certainly cannot throw away the photo cards I get. My plan originally was to make a traditional album of said cards (sent and received). But let's get real - it wasn't going to happen. I have enough plain old scrapbooking to do, right? So I saw Martha's project and thought that would get some major piles taken care of tout de suite! Here's another view
I took all the cards I had immediately handy - that was 4 years worth. I got the general size then cut up some cardboard (chipboard in scrapbooky lingo) so it would be larger - cover -fashion. Took those and covered them with holiday scrapbooking paper. Used my cropadile to punch the holes (love that cropadile so you can punch a predetermined depth over and over again and it comes out perfect!) in the covers and cards. Set eyelets in the cover holes front and back so that the D-rings would slide smoothly through. I decorated the covers with the year (with Quickutz Zoe numbers I believe) and then if the card I made to send that year had a vertical orientation I put it on the cover. The horizontally oriented cards (2007 and 2004 see above) got taped on the inside front cover. I used my rectangle nestabilities for that white scalloped rectangle on 2007. Fun, easy, and practical. Totally my kind of project. Best thing was I had everything I needed to make these so I could just sit down and do it! I will be making more as I uncover other years cards that have been packed away.
Okay. That's enough for today. It is a holiday but I had to get up early and retrieve the darling daughter from her cast party. The final night of her latest play was last night. They have sleepover cast parties. Can you believe it? Really. We live too far away from the school to probably ever get to host one of these but the parents who have hosted say the kids have a great time - no problems whatsoever- they're the best bunch of teenagers ever. Do you ever hear people talk about teenagers this way? Amazing isn't it?


Babsarella said...

What a wonderful project!! I just went thru my cards, pulling out images that I may reuse to decorate packages next year. I really like being able to give holiday cards new life!!! I certainly know what you mean about spending too much time on the pc. I came back from a few days off and didn't even turn on the old one yet!! Tried to load my printer s/w on the new one running Vista and had problems, so turned that one off and decided to craft instead. Much more fun!!! Love that you have such great kids!! P.S. we were watching the game in Mt. Dora and I was rooting for Eli!! Mark wanted Green Bay, but only because he thought they had a better chance to be the Patriots, who he wants to loose so they don't go undefeated like the Dolphins did back in the day. Wheeew...long post!!

June Houck said...

This is SOOOO cool. I want to see these IRL :)

Amy Sheffer said...

Glad your back, Tracy ... missed you and seeing your stuff. The wait was worth it, though. I LOVE these. I'm the same way with saving all the cards. What a great little project. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jean said...

Excellent and fabulous.Beautiful and lovely. !!!

And, of course, the Giants.

lauren said...


this is beyond cool, beyond awesome, beyond BEYOND! (no, i don't really know what that means, either, but it's DEFINITELY a compliment, ok?!)

in short: i looooooove these! you ROCK, girlfriend!!! :)

Donna Layton said...

Now, this is a great idea and they look wonderful. Neat, tidy and purposeful. It kinda makes me giddy.