Tuesday, April 24, 2007

various and sundry

thats what i've been doing
rest assured i'm still here
i did make a card for my sister for her sage advice last week
frankie the cat was about to be renamed
"mr. sneeze-a-lot"
i was beginning to worry as he didn't seem quite himself (on a regular day his alias is "krazy kitty" cos he's zooming around here making a regular silly pest of himself)
so i called my sister (you would if your sister was a vet, right?)
and after discussing mr. sneeze-a-lot's symptoms she reassured me he'd be fine
so i sent her this silly little card from frankie
I used alphas from www.purpleoniondesigns.com as well as dot stamp from Hero Arts and this cute Cuttlebug die (I ran it through my zipemate.. with a little effort it worked!)
Over the weekend we rented the movie "Notes on a Scandal"
now that was a pretty amazing movie. Dark - yes. Not cheery subject matter but the story was tightly written and no filler - i hate it when there seems to be superfluous stuff in a movie - you know that added fluff that just makes it longer? well none of that here. REally wonderful performances in that movie - we were riveted from the very moment it started to the last second of the movie.


Will said...

I really love that card. What was wrong with kitty? Vet's amaze me because they can just look at animals and know what's wrong without even being able to speak the animla's mother tongue. Just amazing to me. I am glad that Kitty is better--nothing worse than a sick cat. Unless you have two.

Babsarella said...

Adorable card!!! How lucky that your sister is a vet! Thanks for the movie review. I was planning to see that, so I am happy that you thought it was quite good!! I figured that it probably was since I hear about it around Oscar time. I am also wanting to rent The Last King of Scotland, and The Queen.

Donna said...

Such a cute card. I wish I would make cards again. Can't seem to do it for some reason. The movie sounds good. I'm so limited because of kid considerations. I'm with Barbara on both the movies she mentioned. I want to see them.

KraftyKerilou said...

Glad your kitty kat was okay...poor thing! The card is too cute. Bet your sis loved it. Great that your sis is a vet, too. Quite handy! Keri