Saturday, April 07, 2007

Peep Show

i promised the update on the Peeps Diorama Contest run by the Washington Post.
The winner and finalists are all shown here:
the related story is here:
my personal favorites :
Dream Peeps - so simple and just so perfect
Soylent Green is Peeps
how great is that! (obviously the winner is amazing but Soylent Green is just too perfect isn't it? i mean did you see how the peeps went in and then they are coming out green - toooooo funny. If you've never seen the movie -which is horrid btw- you're just not gonna get it... )
I am going to have to consider entering next year - you should too!


Sue McGettigan said...

If they run a peeps diorama contest again next year I am SO entering :)

This made me roar with laughter, my faves are Marie Antoinette (let them eat jelly beans :) - love the wigs and the jewels; and Reservoir Peeps (that guy made sure the bodies were lying in the right positions, Mr. Pink - bwahahaha). I'm loving the way so many people watched their fave movie or researched their topic before building their projects. OCD rules.

Donna said...

Talk about hating dial-up! I couldn't stop though. I had to look at every single one of those peep entries. It really does make you want to enter. Let's remember next year. Let's do it! How 'bout the Peepettes at Radio City Music Hall??
Soilent Green. I don't think I've ever seen a more memorable movie. I saw it when I was in 5th grade and I've never forgotten it. Creepy.