Monday, April 16, 2007

Now i've heard it all

I got a call from my daughter about an hour ago
She called me from school -
I knew it was something important because they're not allowed to used cell phones on school property - except if its an emergency kinda thang
They just cancelled school
No - we didn't have snow
We have
I think it's official
I've heard it all
Now i appreciate they are trying to be cautious
There are a few schools in the counties surrounding the Washington DC area that have cancelled school today because they lost power
My daughter said they haven't lost power
They're just worried about the severe winds
And they are severe
The wind is absolutely howling outside and it might get up to 60 miles per hour today
We aren't expecting any tornadoes or anything
I guess i just don't get it
They must be really worried however
My daughter was supposed to go on a field trip to the National Gallery today - they had 10 busloads of high school kids going on that trip. The Gallery is about an hour from here - maybe a half hour from the school (not sure on that)
My daughter was a little bummed about not going downtown - she was really looking forward to hitting the gallery today
But she was more bummed about missing the after school stuff - working on sets for the musical at school.
Me - it actually works out fine for me. I needed to take her to pick up her eyeglasses - and the kid has such a full schedule that doesn't coincide with the doctors office we didn't know when we'd get there - so bonus for me.
Anyway - this weekend we were sposed to be doing a yard sale - i did a lot of prep work for that sale but for reasons that are too lengthy i won't bother to post it all. Suffice it to say i have sectioned off a space in my house to put the yard sale stuff and we'll do it another weekend.
We did have time to rent a wonderful movie this weekend.
If you have a chance, rent "Bobby".
I loved this movie
Maybe because of my age - I actually remember his running for President and his being assassinated. But it is just a wonderful movie. Tons of history woven into a fictional account of that last day before he arrived at the hotel. Great acting, great story. Just amazing movie. Go get it.

I also had a chance to make some Thank You notes. I needed to send one to my brother-in-law and his wife for a lovely Easter dinner. Daughter needed to send a few for gifts she received for her birthday. I pulled out a quickutz Goosebumpz die for the Thank You and added some Chatterbox paper and ribbon. These were quick to make and did the job nicely.
Hope you all are having a non-windy day wherever you are.


Will said...
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Will said...

Let's try this again. I'll proof before I post: 60 MPH wind...sounds like you have blown into Oklahoma. If we cancelled school because we had wind we would NEVER have school. I can remember writing my Grandma when I went to college in OK that all of the trees leaned to the left because the wind was always blowing. The wind constantly blew--constantly. You North neighbors are in my thoughts what with the weather on top of the horrendous tragedy at VA Tech.

Donna said...

LOL to Will's comments. It's true...this is one windy place. I love those cards. So simple and perfect. I REALLY need to do stuff like that. Yes...maybe I will. I'm doing blog catch up. This time I'm moving from the top down.