Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Don't know if I ever told you bout Old Reliable"

Do you remember Trusty in "Lady and the Tramp"? He was the bloodhound with the southern accent and he always said "don't know if i told you bout Old Reliable"

Well here is my "Old Reliable".

It's a coffee pot.

My parents used this coffee pot for years.

My Dad did not cook but he made some great coffee in this here pot.

And I took it when they put it up for grabs.

I love this old pot - for the memories it holds for me and the great coffee it can still make.
And thank goodness I have it.
We drink a lot of coffee around here. It seems like all the automatic coffee makers made these days don't last very long. I think i get a little over a year out of the ones I've bought. I don't ever buy the de-luxe models. I did that once and I'll never do it again. They wear out as quickly as the $20.00 Proctor Silex or Black & Decker ones that last a year. Last time we had a coffee pot conk out on us I decided to try the Mr. Coffee version. Well that Mr. Coffee lasted the longest of all. I was just thinking the other day how that coffeemaker must be 2 years old. Quite remarkable really. And I also thought - it's gonna conk out on me soon.

Well today was soon. I got up as usual at 5:30. Went downstairs. Got the coffeemaker all set up and turned it on and set about getting the kitties their food. I was about to leave the kitchen (to take care of the litter) and I realized the coffee hadn't started brewing. Darn!

Out comes "Old Reliable".

You see I need my coffee.

Old Reliable doesnt need to get plugged in. You do need to boil some water. Old Reliable has a permanent filter you just fill up with coffee grounds. You put Old Reliable together, pour the water in and it begins to drip drip drip. It makes wonderfully delicious, reliable, coffee.

So of course on todays list of things to do is make a trip out to purchase a new coffeemaker.

I got a Mr. Coffee again, natch. See how pretty?

Then I came home and washed and dried out Old Reliable. I put it back up on top of the refrigerator where it will sit, waiting patiently for its next opportunity to be my Old Reliable.


Will said...

I'm a huge fan of percolated coffee. Something about percolating that makes it just super. Do you have a favorite brand of coffee you drink? some people just won't compromise.

I really love French Market coffee percolated. Don't need one thing in it, just that delicious elixer. It has chicory in it so you don't need but one scoop, maybe two. Great flavor. Mildred's MIL turned her on to it and she to me. Yum.

KraftyKerilou said...

Everyone laughs at me, but just about every single bowl in my house in an old enamel one. I have one specific one that is THE mixing bowl. Another one is in the laundry room for soaks, and a third in the kitchen sink for a few quick dishes. They are so much better than anything I could find now! Now if I could just find some aluminum tumblers, and some melamine/melmac bowls and plates like my Grandma had, I would be all set! Loved your coffee pot tribute! Keri

Donna said...

I love those old coffee pots. What memories. I need an old reliable beause when my coffee pot conks I boil water and grounds together then strain it into a cup. You see, I need my coffee too! I think, if I had to, I'd eat the grounds.