Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ants and French Fries

Just a quick little card.
I got these Clear & Simple Stamps a while back and they've been whispering to me to play with them. It was the sentiment that really sent me over the edge to buy the sentiment set and the images are just so cute.
If an ant could be cute.
I'm not really a fan of ants.
At all.
But I am a fan of french fries.
I stamped them on cardstock and die cut that with those stitched rectangle dies from Lil' Inker Designs.
And the gingham...
Gingham makes me think of picnics.
Picnics make me think of ants.
It's all very logical, oui?
Have a good one!


June Houck said...

I totally followed the train of thought when I received this adorable card in the fry box...

Scary that our trains of thought are so similar ;)

I love this card!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my Mama's tablecloth!
All the PB&J's that got consumed on her red checkered cloth under a tree in the backyard.
We'd have contests to see who had the most ants on his or her square by the time we were finished eating; winner got to pick the next game to play after lunch.
Thanks for the memory :)
Little Mabel