Saturday, July 19, 2014

Year of Cards - July

Hi there. I'm busy working on some card sets I intend giving for Christmas gifts to family. When I first saw Dawn McVey's Birthday Classics stamps at PTI I thought this would be a perfect gift for each family. I've been getting one set each month since they debuted in February but I hadn't had the chance to begin making the cards until today. As I mentioned the other day we've got a bunch of birthday's in July to celebrate and I needed one more - then I made 8 more for the gifts.
Here's the one I made for a family member. I'd seen a really cute example from Dawn McVey (scroll way down to see it) where she used a stamp from a flower set to create fireworks on her card. I really loved that idea but didn't have that flower set (although I'd love too LOL!). I'd recently been to a stamp store and when you spend a certain amount you can pick a free stamp from a basket. I looked through the basket and found a Memory Box stamp I thought I might use for backgrounds so it came home with me! And when I started these cards I thought it would be perfect to make the fireworks on my cards. Here you'll see I did the fireworks in 3 different embossing powders (silver, red and holographic). The holographic one doesn't show up that well but it is pretty. When I went to create the July cards for my gifts I decided to eliminate that embossing powder - it makes the cards a little more focused - less is more and all that. But I do like how sparkly it is for this card.
Now on to the cards for the Year of Cards sets.
You may think I'm crazy making all these card sets but I think it'll work out pretty well. I'm making one design basically and changing them up slightly with positioning (of elements) and colors. Not one is alike - and we know how I like to do that: my valentines being the prime example. It's a little challenge for me and it keeps the process from getting boring you know? And once you have the basic design the rest is a piece of cake (and we KNOW how much I love cake!)
These really did come together quickly. I like
embossing a lot as well as the assembly line. I didn't take pics of the envelopes but I did a little stamping on those as well (just some stars).
So July is done. I'm going to backtrack and start making the cards for February through June and then continue on through December as I buy each set. January will need to wait til next year :-)
Hope you're having a great weekend!

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