Monday, July 14, 2014

Reorganizing: Unmounting the Wood Block stamps

So it was about 2 weeks ago I mentioned I've been purging and reorganizing all around the house. It's one of those things you just gotta do now and then. This ongoing project finally brought me to my little craft haven - my art room. OMG - tons to be done in here.
A big problem was the amount of space my stamps take up. A lot of crafty real estate to be sure. I have two large bookcases on one wall of my room and 2-1/2 to 3 of the eight shelves were just Stampin Up stamp sets. There were also 5 acrylic frames (11x14) filled with more stamps from various companies. (I won't even go into the unmounted stamp sets in CD cases and foam block stamps, PTI stamp sets. the list goes on. But hey - I've been stamping for probably 17 years. You accumulate a lot of stamps right?  And I know I have much less than others I know - you know who you are! LOL ).
So I finally decided I could gain back a lot of space if I unmounted all those woodblock stamps I wanted to keep. I finally finished un
mounting and remounting on EZ Mount cling today. YAY!
This is just some of the blocks that have made their way to the recycling bin. I didn't take a pic of the ones that I'd already disposed of - which was probably about 3 times this amount.
Here's the last batch I did today. I still need to pull off the labels (if they have them - some of the images are printed right on the wood - can you see the photo boxes behind them - 2 high... it's a lotta wood!)

Before I started this project I looked around online to see if I could glean any tips. I did find a big fat one - via You Tube - that I thought I'd share in case anyone out there wants to do this to their collection.
I would have done what I always do when using EZ Mount. Get out my Kai scissors and go to town. And of course the scissors get sticky and you have to be cleaning them repeatedly during the whole process.
Well there is a much better way to do this girls. It's called a Hot Knife. I got mine on Amazon (I think the company is called Walnut Hollow) but you might also find it at Jo-Ann's. It is a mighty handy tool I'll tell ya. My daughter came through the kitchen when I was cutting with this tool and she said - what's that? Like a hot X-acto knife?  And that is exactly what it's like. I highly recommend it ladies.  Here's one last pic I took while I was cutting. You can see the blade there on the right. The blade turns black from the adhesive being heated but it causes no problems.
So now - what was once occupying almost 3 shelves of my bookcase - now is all contained in several binders - on about 1/3 of 1 shelf. How about that? Incredible.
I do have some remaining woodblocks that I keep in those photo boxes. They're two different categories: Holiday stamps (Christmas, Valentines, St Patricks Day, Halloween) and Background Stamps (mostly StampinUp but one or two others). I'm debating whether or not I'll unmount those. But for right now they're nicely organized in those boxes and it works.
Now onto the final phase of reorganizing my craft room: all things Scrapbooking. This includes 10 photo boxes (full of photos), various containers of loose random photos and memorabilia and a ton of albums I've already made and those in progress. I'm drowning in the stuff and it needs to be better organized so I can get some scrapping done. I've been working on current scrapbooking (like the photos from our recent trip) but I need to get to the old stuff- kwim?
If you have any tips or tricks - please share! In the meantime - have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

I have needed to do this, but get stalled with what to do about the labels on the back; then what to do with all that leftover wood.
Thanks for the idea with the hot knife, that is super!
Little Mabel