Monday, October 05, 2009

time 4 cake

my dear and most talented friend Barbara celebrated a birthday last week. I wanted to make her something - perhaps a card - or something like a card. I wasn't quite sure. I do what I normally do - start pulling out supplies, stamps, embellishments - looking for a little inspiration. I think you know what I mean - something that sparks the idea. I wasn't finding anything to get me going. I decided to check my email (stall-a-rama). I'd signed up to get the newsletter from the Vintage Workshop a long time ago - I get them all the time but don't really shop there. However, this time I thought perhaps I'd find that inspiration I was looking for - as Barbara likes vintage (dontcha Barbara?) And indeed, I found this clock. And I was off and running.

The creative process is a funny thing. I had the clock and then I played with different items for 2 days off and on - adding things, taking them away, rearranging. Something was still missing and then it occurred to me I needed something to make that clock jump off the page (actually it wasn't a page it was a bingo card that I eventually completely covered over - but it was a real sturdy bingo card -perfect weight for holding all that I kept adding). I pulled out some glitter! I think that did the trick. The top photo allows you to see the dimension of it and the bottom photo here i think shows off the color better. It does look better in person - for sure.
The vintage wallpaper is from my friend Donna. Yes, that's grungeboard inthe background (that stuff is a lot of fun - try some if you haven't already - it takes acrylic paint so nicely and its so flexible - not like you'd expect just looking at it); the chipboard letters are Making Memories and the glitter is Martha Stewart.
Oh I forgot to mention - i had pulled out this white glue - Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive - to put it together. It had been a while since I'd used it and the tip had gotten clogged. I declogged it - i thought. Still wasnt dispensing glue. I declogged again and replaced the top. And I squeezed just a little too hard - SQUUOOOOOOSH.... white glue EVERYWHERE.. I am happy to report it washes out of shirts, pants, carpets etc etc very nicely. Thought you'd like to know ;-)
That's all for today


June Houck said...

That clock is adorable and the card is totally cute! It is *almost* Lauren-y. I love it. So glad you had a stall-o-rama moment. (I'm stalling right now...)

Sorry about the glue spurt. Glad it cleaned up nicely :)

Babsarella said...

Yes indeedy-do. I love vintage and this card was so total perfection. The wallpaper, the image, the colors, the glitter...Loved everything about it. You most certainly worked awfully hard on this and I truly appreciate and want you to know I felt extra-special receiving such a great gift! Glad to know you were able to clean up the glue too. HUGS, and thanks again.

lauren said...


how flippin' AWESOME is *this*??!?!?! i love♥LOVE♥loooooooove it!!!

i also love hearing someone else describe their "process" when it is long and rambly and organic and creative... (in other words--"like MINE"!!!) :)

lauren said...

OOF--i've just read june's comment! :) i'd have to correct her slightly and say it's COMPLETELY TRACY-Y...and lauren *WISHES* she'd made somethin' half as cool!!! (but i'm thrilled to be mentioned in the same blogpost as you & this card!!!)