Wednesday, October 07, 2009

cool dog

well he is the coolest dog isn't he?
i was going to put a caption
"future so bright, i gotta wear shades"
but i thought better of it.
these are supposed to be fun for the daughter
not annoying yaknow?
anyway i found cool dog on some piece of junk mail and he practically barked out to me to cut him out.
Daughter loves dogs just like him and then of course there were the orange tinted glasses (orange being dd's favorite color). I took my StampinUp Pumpkin Pie inkpad and colored up the background then slapped down the dog. I finished off the whole thing with some glue (yes, the exploding variety - see previous post "time 4 cake" if you're looking at your computer screen and thinking "Tracy's finally lost her marbles") . I added a little superfine glitter to the glue and voila... Postcard from Home.

and now for a little music.... check it out

oh and one final thing
Happy Birthday June from the Birthday Queen


Babsarella said...

Fun postcard!!! I think Miss E will love it.

June Houck said...

Yep, I bet Eliz smiles all the way from her mailbox o her dorm room.

Thanks for the bday wishes :)


lauren said...

i know i've said this before, but you make the BEST pc's in the history of the world. and i should know, having spent most of my own history collectin' most of the other ones!!! this one may be the new high-water mark of postcardular excellence. ...i'm just sayin'...